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Q: Who wrote the line I love my daddy like he loves his dollars?
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What do you do if a guy like but you don't like him back and he wrote you a note saying he loves you?

Tell him nicely that you're not interested in him.

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It would be "A mi me gusta mi papi" (I like my daddy).

When was Stuntin' Like My Daddy created?

Stuntin' Like My Daddy was created on 2006-07-18.

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What are the release dates for Blue Skies - 1994 If You Knew Daddy Like I Know Daddy 1-5?

Blue Skies - 1994 If You Knew Daddy Like I Know Daddy 1-5 was released on: USA: 10 October 1994

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The matter daddy! Can I bring you the matter daddy? What's the matter daddy? Nothing son what's the matter with you!

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