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S.E Hinton wrote the book and the movie

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S.E.Hinton wrote The Outsiders

famewhat happen is that they made a movie and they wrote a new book

S.E. Hinton wrote the book Outsiders when she was 17 years old.

Yes, Johnny stabs Bob, a Soc, in the book AND movie The Outsiders.

They are pretty much exactly the same. The ORIGINAL movie The Outsiders leaves out many parts from the book, but the EXTENDED edition in The Outsiders has EVERYTHING from the book! Be sure to watch the extended edition!

at the beginning of the movie it starts by showing that ponyboy is writing the outsiders ......... report............ In the book Ponyboy is talkin( narrator)

Many people who have read the book and watched the movie entitle The Outsiders liked the book better. The movie does not show all of the emotions that the characters have, but it does have feature popular actors from the 1980s.

The Outsiders, published in 1967.

maybe you should read the book and watch the movie?

The resolution of the movie The Outsiders is that Ponyboy takes the advice he is given in Johnny's letter. The book ending differs from the movie ending.

Nobut the outsiders is a really good book. and the movie, its pretty cool. actuly i think there is another.

The book is similar to the movie in the way the society and violence in both entertainments.The share the same problems it is exactly the same go watch it

-the characters -the plot -the ending

Read the book or watch the movie.

i generally find the book more interesting than the movie as the description is greater and whole chapters are just glanced over in the movie. but i thoroughly advise watching the movie after you have read the book.

In the dedication the person the book is dedicated to is her cousin

S.E. Hinton You would've got it anyway if you put it on Wikipedia.S.E.Hinton wrote The Outsiders"The Outsiders" was written by S.E. Hinton. It was first published in 1967. A film adaptation was produced in 1983 and then television serious appeared in 1990.

Well, Yes They are real.. S.E Hinton wrote "The Outsiders" based upon her life growing up with Greasers And Socs. The Outsiders is an AMAZING book. I've read it like 6 times! But The Movie is Incredible

The book is fiction but is based on the experiences that the author had growing up. The movie is based on the book so i assume it is the same.

The theme of the book "The Outsiders" is a story of two groups of teenagers who go through ups and downs related to their socioeconomic status. There is also a movie based on the book.

No its not a graphic novel its a book with only words. (Their is also a movie for the outsiders.)

In the book "The Outsiders", it clearly states that Ponyboy and Sodapop are their birth names, NOT nicknames.

The book Outsiders in a fiction book

In the movie Pony, Johnny and Dally go the DX gas station before the movies and they go to a drug store in the book. Also you see the scene where Dally robs the store which is only mention once in the book

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