Who wrote the quote a person has an opinion it's only an opinion it's never a question of right and wrong?

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What are the opinions on who wrote the Qur'an?

It is my own view, from Islamic perspective, that different beliefs and different faiths are something only between people and their God but they are all called to live in peace and love and to cooperate for the benefit of mankind and the universe. However, since the question asks about different op ( Full Answer )

What is an expert's opinion on whether or not hunting is wrong?

We need to let nature run its course, but a vegan lifestyle is not for everyone. Something important to remember is that humans ARE part of nature. The day we can find our place in this world, a place that is both predator and prey, is the day we've done something right. FlyingDove Answer Life ( Full Answer )

What is an opinion?

An opinion is somebody's point of view on somebody, or something.It is something nobody can prove, but the person with the opinioncan back up with evidence. Example: Ice cream is good, or I think this sport is fun,because there are a lot of positions to play. Opinion is what a person thinks about ( Full Answer )

Can opinions be wrong?

Answer opinions can not be wrong it is an individuals point of view it can neither be right or wrong

In your opinion is euthanasia wrong?

Opinion Yes, euthanasia is very wrong whether it is being performed on animals or humans. When we euthanize, we are playing God. Animals and humans go through a process when they are dying, and if that natural process is suddenly ended, the human/animal will be harmed. No one has the right to kil ( Full Answer )

What is the name for a person whose ideas were wrong in the opinion of the church?

Answer . If the Church considers the ideas of a professed member to be wrong, then he is called a heretic and his ideas are considered heresy. . Answer . Other terms, most of which are considered insulting, are infidel, heathen, pervert (once meant the opposite of "convert"), and others I ca ( Full Answer )

You are 16 your fiance is 39 you're in love and you are pregnant with his daughter he breaks up with you because he thinks it's wrong because you are so young what is your opinion?

Damn man better step up to the plate. He should have worried about it being "wrong" before he impregnated you. These two wrongs will definatly make a much, much, bigger wrong. He's probably some loser who just wanted sex and is now regretting it. Being in love is not wrong... but if he really is "in ( Full Answer )

Is it wrong to only want to date white guys if it's just what I am attracted to?

There is nothing wrong with having a racial preference in attraction. The problem comes if you decide you're better than a certain race or can't associate with a certain race out of fear or ignorance. But simply being attracted to members of a certain race is not my idea of prejudice or bigotry.

What is a personal opinion?

A personal opinion is your own thought about something that is not derived from thoughts of another person. It is my personal opinion that Mazda makes a better car than Hyundai. My opinion isn't based on any research. My opinion wasn't told to me by another person. I don't know whether or not other ( Full Answer )

What are opinions on is it wrong to want to eat your semen?

Iv always been interested in asking males if they ingest their semen. All of them always say they do not. If you want to eat your semen, do it. It can not hurt you. Its comprised mostly of glucose, and half the chromosomes for your unborn children. It could possibly be looked at like cannibalism sin ( Full Answer )

In your opinion is healthcare a right or a personal responsibility?

Healthcare is a right in most civilized countries. Answer Maybe in some countries, but not the US. We have enough entitlements already, and this new bill will bankrupt the economy. Answer Health Care is not a "right". A "right" is something that everyone is born with, or as some w ( Full Answer )

Is a opinion right?

I don't think an opinion can be right or wrong. Its just your expressed feelings about a situation. "I think the sky looks peaceful tonight." It doesnt matter whether or no the sky is peaceful. The person thinks the sky is peaceful. So their opinion isn't right or wrong. It certaintly isn't wrong to ( Full Answer )

Does having philosophical conversations with oneself eg one states an opinion and then one as a secondary person questions that opinion constitute a degree of insanity?

It is highly unlikely to be schizophrenia, and does not meet the criteria for dissociative personality disorder (which some people believe -- erroneously -- schizophrenia to be. It is certainly outside the cultural norm, but not excessively so. As long as you are aware of the fact that you are do ( Full Answer )

What are opinions on only 4 gamers?

Yes, it's a scam. You should never pay to work. But they charge an "advance fee" of about forty bucks. And you never ever get that promised job of playing video games all day for thousands of dollars a week!

Who wrote It's better to have loved than never to have loved at all?

The correct line is 'tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all' by Alfred Lord Tennyson, the poem is called In Memoriam and dated 1850...as follows. I hold it true, what'er befall, / I feel it, when I sorrow most, / 'tis better to have loved and lost, / than never to have l ( Full Answer )

What is your opinion on the right to bear arms?

Everybody should be able to own a gun as long as it is not fully automatic. == People should be able to own any weapon that their government can own. many believe that the prime concept behind the Second Amendment was to protect the citizens from government predation and to, in the gravest extr ( Full Answer )

What are some opinions on what is wrong with reincarnation and Hinduism?

Opinion . Some people believe it is not right because it does not recognize God as a real being capable of being related to through Jesus Christ. . The graceful ideas of reincarnation sound infinitely true and just - if I kill, I will be killed or if I maim, I will be maimed someday. The troub ( Full Answer )

Scientific theory is only an opinion?

Scientific theory must have the evidence support and pass through process of validation. It is not an opinion that could be set from wild guess. You start with an Hypothesis, and look for evidence. If there is enough valid evidence, then you can call it a theory.

What is your opinion on gay rights?

It shouldn't be an issue. Gays and lesbians shouldn't have to worry about their rights. Who you are sleeping with should have no bearing on anything. You should be able to marry who you want to and get the same benefits as a straight couple. What two men or two women do in bed has no effect on the s ( Full Answer )

Personal opinion about the Vietnam war?

Extremely versatile war: 1. First use of SAC B52 bomber in combat 2. First super-sonic aerial dog-fights 3. Last use of an all gun battleship in war (USS New Jersey) 4. First combat for an Airborne or Amphibious tank(s) (US-M551 Sheridan/NVA-PT76) 5. First mass use of air to air missiles in aerial ( Full Answer )

What is better DS lite or DSi don't tell me that it's my opinion?

well, basically it depends on if you like gameboy and/or guitar hero ds version, DS lite: Pros: Gameboy compatible [you can play gameboy games] Light, and easy to handle. large variety of colors Cons: cannot take pics, different stylus size, and very breakable L and R buttons. DSi Pr ( Full Answer )

Are personal opinions allowed to be added to the discussion page of a question?

As long as the comments do not violate the Community Guidelines, such as inappropriate language or cyberbullying, then yes, they can be added to the Discussion Page of a question. General chatting is not permitted within the Discussion Page, and may result in your account being suspended.

Who wrote the opinions for McCulloch v Maryland?

Chief Justice John Marshall wrote the only opinion issued for McCulloch v. Maryland ; the case was decided by a unanimous vote of 7-0. Case Citation: McCulloch v. Maryland, 17 US 316 (1819)

Can you put opinion questions in WikiAnswers?

You can, but questions like that would be better suited for a Q&A site that allows people to post separate answers to questions, such as Yahoo Answers, Quora, or Aardvark. Questions on WikiAnswers can ask for opinions though. When questions do ask for opinions, people can post their separate opinion ( Full Answer )

Who wrote the song It's now or never?

"It's Now or Never" was recorded by Elvis Presley. It was released in 1933. The song, "It's Now or Never", was written by Aaron Schroeder and Wally Gold.

What is your personal opinion about interracial relationships?

I'm a Canadian girl who thinks that its perfectly fine for two people of different races to date or have a relationship. It's not like you two are different species, the only difference is appearance and culture. If two people truly love each other and can put aside differences cultural or not then ( Full Answer )

What are your personal opinions about Brazil?

Brazil is a horrible country. Do not go there. Many are involved with foul play and many end up dead. If you are in danger, the Brazilian's couldn't care less. My great-uncle died at the age of 19 over there after drowning, and while he was sucked in by the water, his friends watched him. There were ( Full Answer )

What in your opinion is your deepest question on life?

My Opinion -- Why does life exist. The deepest question on life means a question which touches the heart, liver and spleen of the phenomenon that is called life. Where life came from, how it is transferred exactly from being to being, what is the meaning of life, what is the purpose of life here, ( Full Answer )

Why can't a question be an opinion?

Because you're more than likely asking for an opinion or a fact. If you question something you're not stating anything; you state something when you answer though.

What is your personal opinion on cloning?

Many people have a personal opinion on cloning. Most people do not think it is a good idea and there has even been a bill known as the Human Cloning prohibition Act made to Congress but was rejected. It was re-introduced again in May 2013.

Do you have any opinions about a story I wrote?

WikiAnswers is not a critique service. You need to let your friends and family read the story first, then join a critique group and let them look at it. You can also send it to a professional editor and pay them to critique it.

Where in the Bible does it say It's the end of times when right is wrong and wrong is right?

Nowhere in the King James Version of the Bible does it say 'the end of times .' . The Bible reveals evidence that man hasbeen " allotted a period oftime " [6000 years; a 6000 year/six-day work week -see II Peter 3:8] to discover and experience life... both the goodand evil aspects of it -- t ( Full Answer )