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Wikipedia attributes the tune to two different people. It seems to be well referenced. The words were written in 1908 by Jack Norworth, who while riding a subway train, was inspired by a sign that said "Baseball Today

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Who wrote Take Me Out to the Ball Game?

Jack Norworth wrote the lyrics to Take Me Out to the Ball Game in 1908 and Albert Von Tilzer composed the music. Click on the 'Take Me Out to the Ball Game' link on this page to learn more about the song and see the entire lyrics.

The baseball song?

"Take Me Out To The Ball Game"

What is the song on the baseball commercial?

Take me out to the ball game

What song is sung after Take Me Out to the Ball Game in Seattle?


What is the song Rhonda sang on the Penguins of Madagascar?

take me out to the ball game

What is the famous song sang at baseball games?

"Take me out to the ball game"

What foods are mentioned in the song take you out to the ball game?

peanuts and cracker jacks

When is the song take you out to the ball game sung at a baseball game?

Most ball parks sing it during the 7th Inning Stretch. Well, they don't really play the entire song before or after the ball game. They usually might play little bits of the song in the middle of the game but, theres no specific time where everyone sings the song.

2009 Minnesota Twins seventh inning stretch song?

take me out to the ball game

What song do they sing in the seventh inning stretch for the Minnesota Twins?

take me out to the ball game

Why is the song Take me out to the Ball Game important?

When baseball became popular, the song symbolized what it meant to be in the thrill of a baseball game. It was synonomous with baseball itself.

What important events took place in 1908?

That was the year that the song "Take me out to the ball game" came out.

Who wrote the song Midnight in Moscow?

Kenny Ball & his Jazzmen

What ken burns song was heard 250 different ways in his movie from 1994?

take me out to the ball game

Who wrote the song take you home country road?

The Person Who Wrote The Song Take you Home Country Road Was John Denver!!

What is the name of the song which was featured in the playstation game VR Baseball 1997 and also is played at many baseball stadiums?

take me out to the ball game

Who wrote the song never forget?

Take that

Is Take Me Out to the Ball Game copyrighted?

Composed in 1908, the song is in the public domain; certain performances and recordings may have their own protection.

Who wrote the song take me to the river?

david byrne

Who wrote the song Wear you to the ball I know UB40 do it but who wrote it and what other singers sing it?

John Holt, A Reggae Singer From Jamaica, Wrote The Song In The 1960's For His Band "The Paragons" (Somewhat Between 1964 And 1970)

Who wrote the song Take Care?

drake featuring rianna

Who wrote the song Crazy Game Of Poker?

The song 'That Was a Crazy Game of Poker' is a very popular song. Performed by O.A.R., the song is easily found on many different music websites online.

Who wrote the song dota basshunter?

Jonas alberg AKA's actually a game (DOTA) and he is addicted to the game so he made a song about it.

Did Carrie Underwood write the song just a dream?

Yes she wrote the song. THat answer is completely wrong. 3 people rotr that song for her including the girl who wrote Jesus take the wheel.

Who wrote the lyrics to the song take me in to the holy of holies?

Dave browning