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Brooke Fraser of Hillsong wrote "Lead Me To The Cross"

Chris & Conrad's version of the song got on the radio, and Francesca Battistelli's version is also popular.

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Who wrote Lead Me To The Cross?

Brooke Fraser of Hillsong wrote "Lead Me To The Cross" The radio single thou, is Chris and Conrad's version.

Who wrote and sang Jeff hardys song?

The Lead Siger Had Wrote The Song. The Song is By Endeverafter

Who wrote the song Dream on by Aerosmith?

Steven Tyler, their lead singer, wrote it.

Who sings the song Lead Me To the Cross?

Hillsong, Chris and Conrad, Francesca Battistelli. Hillsong wrote it, and Chris and Conrad's version is played on the radio, and their version is my favorite!

Who wrote the song At the Cross?

ok its a secret but i will tell you its suzy kaymakamian

Who wrote the lyrics for the Papa Roach song 'Scars'?

The song 'Scars' by Papa Roach was written by the lead singer. The lead singer's name is Jacoby Shaddix. He wrote the song after he was rushed to a hospital in Las Vegas.

For who was wrote the song Helena of your chemical romance?

Gerard Way, frontman, and lead singer, wrote the song "Helena" about the loss of his grandmother, Elena.

Who wrote Slow Fade by Casting Crowns?

Lead singer, Mark Hall wrote the song "Slow Fade".

Who wrote the gospel song 'At the Cross'?

The gospel song 'At the Cross' was written by the Hillsong Church band. One can watch and listen to the song on YouTube where it has been uploaded and viewed many times.

Who wrote the lyrics to the southern gospel song I rest my case at the cross?

Kyla Rowland wrote "I Rest My Case At The Cross" about ten years ago and it was made popular by The Perrys.

Who wrote the lyrics for the song Lead Me Lord?

The song "Lead Me Lord" was written by the singer Gary Valenciano. Individuals who would like to listen to this song can do so on the video hosting site YouTube.

Who sings lead to don't worry baby by the beach boys?

Brian Wilson co-wrote this song and is the lead vocalist.

Who wrote the lyrics for The Fray's song How to Save a Life?

This song was written by Isaac Slade, who is also the lead singer and pianist. He wrote this song because of an experience he had when he worked as a mentor as a camp for troubled teens.

Who wrote the lyrics to the song Wonderwall?

Noel Gallagher wrote the lyrics to the song Wonderwall. He was a member of the rock band "Oasis" and was their lead guitarist. They recorded and released the song in 1995 on their album "Morning Glory".

Who wrote the song photoghragh by Nickelback?

Chad Kroeger and he's the lead singer of Nickelback

Which band or artist wrote the song Badfish?

The lead singer of sublime Bradly Nowell

Who wrote colder weather?

The lead singer of this song is Zac Brown co-wrote the song with Coy Bowles (the band's keyboardist and guitarist), Wyatt Durrette and Levi Rowley.

Who does this song- swallow a little of that sea now taste a little bit of that salt in you throw up a little of it on your knees?

It's a song by Sonny Moore, the ex lead singer of From First To Last. It's a song he wrote for his new solo project. It's a song by Sonny Moore, the ex lead singer of From First To Last. It's a song he wrote for his new solo project. It's a song by Sonny Moore, the ex lead singer of From First To Last. It's a song he wrote for his new solo project.

Who wrote the skillet song its not me its you?

John L. Cooper, lead singer and bass player of Skillet, wrote it. Cooper also says that "It's Not Me It's You" is his favorite song on the record, "Awake."

Who wrote the song Handbags and gladrags?

Manfred Mann (Specifically Mike d'Abo, the lead singer)

Who wrote the song Everything by Lifehouse?

Everything was written by Jason Wade, the lead singer of Lifehouse.

Who from The Beatles wrote the song Taxman?

George Harrison wrote "Taxman", with help from John Lennon. Paul McCartney played lead guitar.

Is All Around Me by Flyleaf a Christian song?

Technically, yes. But, the lead singer, who wrote the song, doesn't ever specify whether or not it's a "Christian song".

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