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Check with the Clerk's Office of that court, or notify police or sheriff's office. Tampering with evidence is a crime.

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Q: Whom or where can one report court employees altering covering up tampering with court evidence record?
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In Texas what is the statute of limitation on perjury or aggravated perjury or tampering with physical evidence or tampering with governmental record?

If, by your committing perjury, tampering with evidence, or tampering/altering a government document, you changed the outcome of the legal proceeding and caused a 'gross miscarriage of justice' (i.e.- caused a guilty party to be acquited, or an innocent party to be convicted) there are no statutory limitations on your culpability.

Is tampering with evidence a crime?

Yes, intentional tampering with evidence is a crime anywhere

What is an example sentence for tampering?

The case was adjourned because someone had been tampering with the evidence.

What is the sentencing for tampering with evidence in Ohio?

If you are lucky you will get probation/

Can you give a sentence that has the word visible?

There was no visible evidence of tampering.

What class is an tampering with physical evidence in Texas?

class 3

What is the Maximum sentence for tampering with evidence?

you can get up to 10 years in prison!

Is tampering with evidence a felony?

Yes...Evidence tampering really such a big crime. We should not ignore it and govt should be made a hard law for this crim. I want to share a link that will show evidence tampering by frisco texas police department.

What could cause evidence to be inadmissible in court?

Tampering, bad chain of custody

What is the police charge for tampering with evidence?

The answer may vary dopending on certain things.

What is jail time tampering with evidence?

It can depend on your state's statutes but it could be up 10 years

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