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Whose ambition is the driving force of the play Macbeth Lady Macbeth or Macbeth?


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Lady Macbeth


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It starts off with Lady Macbeth's ambition as she wanted to be queen but soon after they achieve their goals, Macbeth's ambition took over as he wanted to secure his power.

Lady Macbeth's main role in 'Macbeth' is a driving force. She is the whole reason that Macbeth decides to kill Duncan and the others.

This question assumes that a driving force behind Macbeth's actions was "obsessive ambition". In fact, his character is shown to be anything but obsessively ambitious. When not under the influence of his wife, his thoughts turn towards such ideas as "if fate would have me king, why then fate must crown me", and "I have won golden opinions of all sorts of people which would be worn in their newest gloss, not cast away so soon." It is Lady Macbeth who is obsessed with the possibility of Macbeth becoming king. Macbeth only starts to become evil after he has attained the highest office which his ambition could aspire to, which means that he only became evil after he lost all of his ambition.

I think so...but i have to write an essay on it! Argggg!! i wish i could just copy and paste something! on a tecnicality yes she was because she was the one to convince Macbeth to kill duncan but Macbeth is also to blame for agreeing to do it hope i helped :)

Macbeth and Macduff both were brave, hard workers who did their jobs well. But they otherwise were different. Specifically, Macbeth didn't compare at all well with Macduff. Macbeth thought of rewards and promotions. Macduff thought of loyal service to his sovereign. Macbeth became impatient and wanted to hasten his predicted royal future along. Macduff was patient and willing to take his time organizing a successful invading force. Macbeth was deceitful, duplicitous, hypocritical, and treacherous to king and country. Macduff was straightforward, respectful, and honest. For Macbeth, his ambition justified cruel, treacherous means. For Macduff, his honor demanded honorable means.

When the witches proclaim his prophecies.

Lady Macbeth is a woman; Macbeth is a man. Lady Macbeth focuses on short-term goals; Macbeth focuses on long-term consequences. Lady Macbeth has never killed anyone before Duncan; Macbeth has. Macbeth is the cousin of the king; Lady Macbeth is not. Lady Macbeth manipulates others through persuasion; Macbeth manipulates others through force.

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Lady Macbeth persuades Macbeth to kill Duncan, the king. Later she kills herself out of guilt. Macbeth's guilt eventually drives him mad.

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