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One of 3 Idol,who gathered donation and held a concert for their Fellow contestant Luke Menard.(Has Canser)If you searched and find who he is.keep it your mind will be better,for his family.

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Does David Cook have brain cancer?

No, his brother did.

Is david cook have a sick brother?

Yes, he has a brother with brain cancer.

How did david cooks brother die?

By brain cancer

Your brother is in fremantle hospital and has lung cancer but he is unconscious because the cancer is affecting his brain and he has lost memory how is this so?

It is likely that the cancer in the lung metastasized to the brain, affecting the hippocampus.

Why did David Cook's brother die?

he died because of brain cancer

What happened to David cook's brother?

he died of brain cancer on may 2nd.

How did david cook's brother die?

He died because of brain cancer. it was really sad :'(

Who had brain cancer in bonnie hunt family?

Her brother-in-law Brian (husband of her sister Mary). At last report, his cancer is in remission.

Who can get brain cancer?

Anyone can get brain cancer.

How did Ted Kennedy die?

Brain Cancer.

Is there a difference between brain cancer and a brain Tumor?

Cancer spreads throughout the brain where as the brain tumor is localized

What are the symptoms of brain and lung cancer?

What are the symptoms of brain an lung cancer

How many stages of brain cancer is there?

there are three stages in brain cancer

Does Adam cook from American idol have brain cancer?

Yes but Adam Cook is the late half brother of Season 7 winner David Cook. He passed away May 2nd, 2009 and did not participate in the show.

Why is your family dead?

Mother - BrainaneurysmFather - Heart attackBrother - Organ(s) failureBrother - Lung cancerBrother - Brain tumor5 sisters & myself (obliviously) are still alive.

What is the difference between brain tumors and brain cancer?

a cancerous brain tumor is commonly referred to as brain cancer. brain tumors alone may be cancerous or non cancerous. Cancer spreads throughout the brain where as the brain tumor is localizede

Is brain cancer and brain tumor or same?

Depends. I had metroloblastoma. It is a brain cancer and a braintumor. What is a benign tumor?

Do the majority of the people with brain cancer live or die?

The brain cancer survival rate indicates the percentage of people with a certain type and stage of brain cancer who survive the disease for a specific period of time after their diagnosis. In most cases, statistics refer to the 5-year brain cancer survival rate. The 5-year brain cancer survival rate is the percentage of people who are alive 5 years after a brain cancer diagnosis, whether they have few or no signs or symptoms of brain cancer, are free of disease, or are having treatment for brain cancer. The brain cancer survival rate is based on large groups of people, and it cannot be used to predict what will happen to a particular patient. No two patients are alike, and brain cancer treatment and responses to treatment vary greatly.

Which is the worst cancer?

brain cancer

Where is brain cancer found?

In your brain

What color is the brain cancer ribbon?

The ribbon for brain cancer awareness is grey. May is also brain cancer awareness month.graygrey

Is there such thing as brain cancer?

yes there is. it's a deadly cancer of the brain. but what is it called? that i am not sure of. I do not think it is called brain cancer. there must be some scientific name for it.

Brain cancer is also called as brain tumor?

no.but brain tumor is a kind of brain cancer

What cancer kills the fastest?

Brain cancer

Can smoking cause brain cancer?

Not directly, but by metatization of a lung cancer you might develop a brain cancer due to smoking