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In most states, the driver of the moving vehicle is always at fault when he hits a stationary object, like a parked car. It's ok, you screwed up. We all do it from time to time. Now be responsible and face up to your mistake.

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Q: Whose fault is it when you back up and hit a car that is not a tenant in this apartment and who is parked in an unauthorized spot anyways?
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What does Unauthorized modification of dwelling mean?

Dwelling is where someone lives, as a tenant, a renter. Unauthorized means that the tenant has changed the rented item, the house/apartment in a way that the landlord didn't want. Maybe taken down or put up an inner wall, thrown out the bathtub or something.

What actors and actresses appeared in Night Terrors - 2007?

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Is it legal for a tenant to keep hallway lights out in an apartment building?

If the hallway light is controlled by the tenant, i.e., the tenant pays the electric bill which controls that light, then the tenant has every right to keep that light on or off as he wishes. If you live in an interior apartment building, the common hallway lighting of it should be controlled by the apartment complex, not by the tenant.

What to do if apartment tenant has no electricity?

If the terms of the lease include that the tenant must have electric and the tenant is in violation of the lease terms you can evict him.

Is the landlord or tenant responsible for damage to the apartment caused by the tenant?

A tenant! If they damaged something they don't own they are responsible for fixing it.

What do you call someone who rents an apartment?

A tenant.

How are tenant improvements administered?

If a landlord plans to make upgrades to a tenant's apartment, they will usually pay for the tenant to stay somewhere else, like a hotel. While the tenant is gone, their apartment will get new carpet, paint, or whatever else is needed to make it nicer.

Can a tenant in NJ be told to clean their apartment?

A tenant ANYWHERE can be told to clean their apartment ! The tenant is only there 'at the grace of the property owner' - and pays for the use of the accommodation. It is not unreasonable for a landlord to insist the tenant keeps the property in a reasonable state of cleanliness !

Does a landlord need to paint your apartment if the tenant is living in the apartment more than 5 years?

Depends on how the lease is written: normally the tenant is responsible for painting interior.

Who is responsible for light fixture landlord or tenant?

In side the rental unit if an apartment the tenant, Outside the community If a home or Single family the tenant

Can a tenant in an apartment disclose material defects in an apartment to a buyer?

Sure he can! As a tenant this should be done to make the potential buyer aware of what he's getting into. And your Landlord may not retaliate.

What is tenant?

A tenant is someone who rents a building, apartment, or something else, usually a building, but sometimes land.

Can I change the locks after tenant has moved out?

If you are the landlord, and the tenant has moved out and surrendered possession of the apartment, you are free to change the locks.

Who is responsible for carpeting apartment floors- the tenant or the landlord?

The landlord

What is a person called who rents an apartment?

Either the Tenant or rentee

Are you responsible for your sublet if your lease ended and they stayed?

This all depends on the terms of your lease. Most apartment complexes do not allow a tenant to sublet. So if the main tenant terminates the tendency, this termination will include everyone. The main tenant is the one who will be responsible to give the landlord back into the apartment.

Can you get a rental lease for an apartment after the chapter 7 is discharged?

Sure. Just find an apartment that will allow a tenant with a discharged bankruptcy.

What does it mean to sublet an apartment?

Subletting an apartment means that a new tenant will take over the remainder of another individual's lease

Is tenement and verd?

Tenement is a noun, as in an apartment or a room rented by a tenant

Will an apartment complex do a credit check if I'm a new tenant?

It differs from apartment complex to apartment complex. But apartment complexes should do a credit check to make sure that they will be getting their money from their tenants.

Does a landlord have to let a tenant know they are in default Say for having a unauthorized pet?

If a landlord has an objection to a tenant and wishes to evict that tenant then yes, he does have to inform the tenant in question about the objection. Tenants must be given an opportunity to remedy the problem rather than being evicted.

When a tenant vacates an apartment is it right for the landlord to deduct money from the security deposit to pay to clean and paint the apartment for the next tenant?

The purpose of a security deposit is to pay the last month's rent in the event that a tenant stops paying and has to be evicted, not to pay for cleaning and painting. It would only be reasonable to use a security deposit for this purpose if the departing tenant left the apartment in extremely bad condition, requiring an abnormal expense to restore it.

What is the definition of the word tenants?

A tenant is a person who occupies a property, often an apartment, from another person, often known as a landlord. The tenant often pays rent for the property the tenant occupies.

Do I have any recourse if I was evicted for having an unauthorized pet at a no pets allowed property where at least one other tenant has a pet and was not evicted?

Probably not. The other tenant's situation has nothing to do with you.

What is the person called that rents an apartment or a piece of land?

That person may be called a tenant or a lessor.

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