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Whose gravestone epitaph reads 'My Jesus Mercy'?

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Al "Scarface" Capone.

2006-07-19 18:22:33
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Whose name does Scrooge see on the gravestone?

His own

Whose epitaph has the word fame in it?

John Sheburnugaizer.

Whose house did Jesus go to?

Jesus went to Zakius house

How do you start a speech with the name of Allah?

In the name of Almighty Allah whose Bounties are Unbounded, Whose Mercy is Unlimited, Whose Blessings are Uncountable, Whose Provisions are Un-ending, Whose Benevolence is Everlasting, Whose Being is Eternal, Whose Love is our Life, Whose Worship is our Iman.

Whose servant did Jesus heal?

Jesus healed the Roman centurians servant.

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Whose birthday is celebrated on Christmas?

Jesus Christ. Or St Nicholas Jesus Christ's birthday is celebrated on Christmas.

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We can pray in either names Jesus or Jesus christ and he will hear us for sure.

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the shack jesus is referred to as papa

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Jesus healed Peter's mother-in-law.

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His name is Jairus.

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The account of Jesus washing the disciples' feet is found only in John 13, which doesn't say whose feet were washed first.

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That would be Jesus of Nazareth.

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I believe that most Christians will assert that Jesus Christ is the incarnation of "Yahweh" - the God of the Old Testament.

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Jesus was born then.

Christianity is based on whose teachings?

The teachings of Jesus Christ, hence the name.

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He refused to answer to people whose only goal was to mock him.

What is Christianity and whose teachings does it follow?

Christianity is God's word taught by Jesus

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Who is the Jew's Jesus?

There is no figure in Jewish history, literature, or tradition whose life, story, message, or position resemble those of Jesus in the slightest.

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No. A prophet predicts the coming of the messiah. Christianity sees Jesus as the messiah, the one whose coming was predicted.

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Death is viewed in Islam as the end of this normal life and conclusion of your deeds in this life in preparation to the Last day of Judgment where:Those whose good deeds overbalance their old ones, enter the Paradise per God mercyThose whose bad deeds overbalance their good deeds, are pushed to hell unless forgiven by God mercy.