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Whose homeowner insurance covers loss of merchandise stolen from a car the owner of the home or the owner of the merchandise?


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2005-07-09 20:32:32
2005-07-09 20:32:32

The policy that applies to the merchandise owner, is the policy that would provide the coverage.


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I think that your insurance covers the items that were yours that were stolen, and the company's covers the car damage.

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No homeowner policy will cover a vehicle that was stolen. Insurance varies from state to state but generally you can buy comprehensive protection only which will cover theft.

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Usually as long as A). The item stolen is owned by the policyholder, B). The item was not stolen on another property owned by the policyholder that does not have insurance.

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I don't think so. Stolen jewelry may not be stolen from someone who broke into your house, it may be your child or teenager.

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