Orcas (killer whales)

Whta adaptations do killer wahles use to move?

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How does a killer whale move around?

by swiming

What does a killer whale move by?

they use their tail

What are a Monkeys adaptations and survival advantages?

monkeys move fast

What are the adaptations for water strider?

they can walk on water and move quickly

What are some adaptations that enabled animals to move to a terrestrial environment?

Some of the adaptations that enable the animals to move to the terrestrial environment is specialized body organs. The specialized body organs like the lungs.

Does an orca whale move because of adaptations?

no. twas made like that.

What are adaptations of bull kelp?

yhey move also yhey have horns.

How does the killer whale move?

It moves its flukes up and down.

What are some adaptations of elephant snails?

There are various adaptations of elephant snails. They have a shell that serves as a shield and tentacles which helps them to move among others.

What adaptations does the amoeba have?

It has pseudopods, also called "false feet" to help it move.

What adaptations have allowed animals to move onto land?

Tracheal Systems and Lungs

What are the adaptations of a snakes?

they are slithery so the can move faster away form their predators.

What is kelly kelly's flip move called?

the K2/Kelly Killer.

What might cause the killer whale in the Bering sea to move to another body of water?

They move because of things like predators (humans), food or climate. Killer Whales also migrate to have their young

What are mussels adaptations?

they move around with a foot (muscular organ). thats all i know

What are structural adaptations of elk?

Feet move fast and can Run long distances from predators.

Do killer whales live in the same place or does it move around?

it moves around

What are a monkey's adaptations?

Each species of monkeys have a different set of adaptations. An adaptation that all monkeys have in common is they live in trees and can move from tree to tree quickly to avoid predators.

What are physical adaptations for the electric eel?

There are actually quite a few physical adaptations that the electric eel has taken on. They have developed a very slippery skin for example to move through the water.

What are the adaptations of the sea horse?

its eyes which move independantly to search for predators, and camouflage to hide from predators.

What are the adaptations of a leech?

Leeches have 2 suckers so they can move around by sticking one after another.

Why you should not have a killer whale?

Erm because it is massive and very expensive to look after. And your neighbours might be a bit disturbed if the saw a killer whale move next door

What are the garden spider's adaptations?

use webs to capture food, and uses it's 8 legs to move.

What adaptations help protect Black racer snake?

texture of skin helps it move on the texture of ground

What are a red panda's physical adaptations?

they like to eat bamboo and move around a lot in the trees and bushes