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The people who had settled in North America valued personal freedom. Many of them had left Europe because of their strong religious or political views. They protested when the British government imposed taxes on them without consulting the local governing bodies of the colonies.

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Q: Why did American colonists rebel against Britain?
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Related questions

How did colonists rebel against Britain?

they fought

Author of Common Sense and The Crisis encouraging the colonists to rebel against Britain?

Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense as well as The Crisis, and encouraged the colonists to rebel against Britain. He was considered a significant inspiration to the Patriots.

Why did colonists rebel against Great Britain?

they were tired of following great Britain's laws and rules

What was the purpose of Thomas Paine's pamphlet Common Sense?

The purpose was to tell American colonists to rebel against the British monarchy and proclaim their independence. ///the purpose was to encourage colonists to proclaim their independence from britain, and to helped confused colonists come to a resolve into which side they would join.

Slogan about taxes that influenced many colonists to rebel against Great Britain?

"no taxation without representation"

What impact did the stamp act have on colinies in the Americas?

The stamp act angered colonists and edged them on in their determination to rebel against Britain.

What led the American colonists to rebel against British rule?

The British government taxed the American colonists to an extreme and treated them unfairly. The colonists even drew up a document stating their grievances against the King and when it was ignored they rebelled. But it was mainly taxes.

How did parliamentary taxation prompt the Americans to rebel in 1776?

The Great Britain Parliament had imposed high rates of taxes on the American colonists for goods that they were supplying to America. The Americans realized that without having representation in Parliament they were defenseless against these high rates of taxes. This caused them to rebel against the unfair taxation in 1776.

What colonists did not consider taxes a reaosn to rebel?

The American Loyalists did not consider taxes a reason to rebel. The Loyalists remained loyal to Britain even during the revolutionary war.

What was the reason for Thomas Paine's pamphlet Common Sense?

The reason was to tell the American colonists to rebel against the British.

What pamphlet written by thomas Paine motivation the colonists to rebel against Britain?

The pamphlet written by Thomas Payne was called Common Sense.

What are rebels during the American Revolution?

A rebel is a person who resists authority. The rebels of the American Revolution were the colonists because they were rebelling against British rule.

How did king george contribute to the American revolution?

King George wrote tax laws for colonists. Causing them to rebel against him.

Did the colonists have a reason to rebel against the british policies?

yes they had reason to rebel

How did the colonists rebel against the Stamp Act?

The colonists boycotted the stamp act.

Why is the french and Indian war important in history events?

It was important because after the war England taxed the colonists due to their debt. This sparked tension in the colonies to later rebel against Britain. Which later caused the American Revolution, which gave Americans their freedom

What were the major differences between the American colonies and great Britain?

By the 1770s, American colonists had had enough of British taxation without representation. They made the decision to rebel and become a new nation.

How did the colonists rebel against stamp act?

the colonists stopped buying paper and they burned it

Why did colonists rebel agianist Britain during the Boston massacre?


Did the colonists rebel for their political principles or their economic well-being?

lol i got the same question for my h.w and i found out, that they rebel for their political principles. They rebel because they wanted the same rights as Britain, but Britain didn't allow it. The colonists was angry that they didn't have the same rights and have no power...........etc

Why were colonists willing to fight Britain by 1775?

After the colonists dumped cargoes of tea into the Boston Harbor to rebel against Britain's high taxed on tea,Parliament passed the Intolerable Acts. The Intolerable Acts angered the colonists because Britain shut down the harbor so their trade was affected, the colonists were only allowed to have one town meeting a year,and Parliament passed the Quarterin Act. This angered the colonists and called for war by 1775.

What does rebel mean to the colonists?

to go against anothers goverment

Why did the colonists want to rebel against England?

The colonists wanted to rebel against England because of many acts passed on them, such as the Intolerable Acts. There was also lots of taxes on the colonists. "No taxation without representation." ~Patrick Henry

What did the colonists do to rebel against the stamp act?

The colonists were furious. Because the English government began taxing items that were transported from Great Britain, the colonists refused to buy any products. Very soon, the English government had to stop the stamp act, or go bankrupt.

Colonists that wanted to break away and rebel from great Britain were called?