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To look for relationships between the data being studied.

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Q: Why do researchers use correlational studies?
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Related questions

What is correlational studies?

A correlational study is one where you examine correlations without manipulating any variables.

Correlational method allows researchers to compare the degree of what?

relationship between two varaiables.

Why do researchers use correlation studies?

To look for relationships between the data being studied.

In order to estimate trait heritability researchers are most likely to make use of?

twin studies

What type of research participant should researchers use for studies of cause-and -effect relationship?

random sample

What did William Harvey use correlational design to discover?

Correlational design is a procedure where two variables are measured, without manipulation, to determine if there is a relationship. He used correlational design to describe, in detail, the systematic circulation and properties of the blood.

What kind of businesses use the Sona system?

Universities use the Sona system. Sona is an easy to use scheduling interface that is accessed through the web and allows students and researchers to sign up for studies.

What fields use the stata program package frequently?

Stata, a statistical software package, is a general-use program. It is frequently used by researchers for studies in economics, political science, epidemiology.

Is Sandra L Bem's study on androgyny considered to be correlational or experimental?


What methods is most helpful for revealing cause-effect relationships?

Experiments with a control and variable...not correlational studies because they don't ensure that the cause led directly to the "effects"

What are the strengths and weaknesses of correlational methods of psychology?

The strengths of correlation methods is that it allows researchers to examine relationships between two variables. The disadvantage is that it is not valid to assume that the relationship between two variables will apply to all similar variables in general.

Empirical research in India in particular creates so many problems for the researchersstate the problems that are usually faced by such researchers?

The problems that India faces with empirical research is that it has a lack of resources. Researchers usually state that they cannot gather all of the results of their studies as a result.

Importance of study of premarital sex to researchers?

related studies to the pre marital sex

Correlational study is it cause and effect?

No correlational study is not cause and effect because correlation does not measure cause.

Why do researchers use placebos and double-blind designs?

Researchers use placebos to test the effectiveness of the drug on trial.

What have recent studies indicated about the use of mugwort as a medicinal?

Has been shown to have antimalarial properties and a group of researchers in Mississippi has shown that artemisinin is toxic to several different types of human cancer cells.

Applying and explaining scientitfic concepts to societal issues using case studies?

A case study is a qualitative descriptive research on a select group of people. Researchers can use research findings of case studies as evidence of societal problems, and to show public perception of particular issues.

Why are researchers concerned about the representativeness of the samples in their studies?

They hope to generalize the findings of their studies to populations of interest. When a sample is not representative of the generalization of the population it may be inaccurate.

Does any one live in the south pole?

No. However, few scientists and researchers reside there to further their studies.

How does experimental research differ importantly from correlational research methods?

how does experimental research differ importantly from correlational research methods Correlational Research are predictions and are mostly based on statistics. Whereas Experimental Research is based on experiment and explaination.

Researchers generally use surveys secondary analyses of existing statistical data and experimental designs?

Quantitative researchers

What is correlational survey?

A correlational survey or study determines if two or more variables are correlated. It helps you determine the specific relationship between the variables.

Why use a descriptive research design?

Correlational research is descriptive research design. One reason to use this type of research is that you collect data but there is no alteration of the environment and it is not manipulated.

Example of correlational research?


Correlational research is useful because it can?


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