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Q: Why India is invaded the most in the world?
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Who invaded ancient India?

Mant rulers invaded India but the most famous from them are Alexander, Mahmud of Ghazni and Muhammad Gauri.

Chronological order of dynasties in which they invaded India?

India has been invaded repeatedly during it's long history. Most of these invaders came from the Middle East and Europe. However, despite their close proximity in the world and exchange of culture and goods over the centuries, no Chinese dynasty has ever militarily invaded India.

When Alexander invaded India?

Alexander invaded India in 326 B.C.

What country bordering India was invaded by the Japanese army in World War 2?

Burma .

What was the eastern-most land invaded by Alexander the Great?

India - Lil Miss Snoogy (:

Who invaded India around 1500 BCE?

The nomadic Aryians invaded India around 1500 BCE

What would be India now if the britisher's had not invaded India?

India would still be India.

Who invaded India?

the aryans dummy

What does Alexander the Great have to do with India?

invaded India in 327 C.E.

What is the most invaded in the world?

This question lacks a word. What is the most invaded ________ in the world. we have no idea if you want to know about a city, country or continent. My input would be poor Israel has been invaded and fought over the most of any country throughout many centuries.

Who invaded India first?

Tamerlane invaded India, but he wasn't the first to invade. The first person to invade India was Shun Johan. So Shun Johan was the first to invade India.

What is the most populous democracy in the world?


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