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Wood is an insulator, so it does not allow heat to get inside. If it was a conductor (a thing that lets heat inside), you would burn your hand if you touched it. That's exactly the case with metal. Metal is a conductor so it lets heat get inside. For example, if you used a metal laddle to mix some hot food, you will feel very hot. If you used a wooden laddle to mix some hot food, you wouldn't even feel heat.

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Q: Why is the handle of an electric iron made up of wood?
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why is the handle of an electric iron made up of plastic or wood?

It is made an plastic

What is the handle on a soldering iron?

The handle is either wood or plastic - both of which are good heat insulators - preventing the user from being burnt.

Why might a saucepan handle be made of wood?

Wood does not conduct heat and thus safer to handle the hot saucepan.

why should handles of pots and pans be made of wood or plastic instead of iron or aluminum?

Because Iron and other metals are high conductors for heat and every time you touch the handle you would burn your hand. Wood or plastic doesn't conduct heat as well and so you can touch it.

The settlers' tools were most likely made of?

iron, steel, and wood

What wood is the handle of a hammer made from and why?


Why some handle of kettles made of wood?

Some handles of kettles are made of wood so that the heat from the pan or the utensil does not pass through the handle , burning the hand of the holder.

What is a wood file made from?


What type of wood is police billy clubs made of?

Iron wood.

What Are post boxes made of?

They R made out of wood and iron

What are pick axes made of?

Usually metal and wood. The blade is made of metal - but the handle is usually wood as it absorbs energy when the tool is being used.

What is the name of the Stanley wood plane 56?

The Stanley No. 56 was a six inches Core Box Plane. It was manufactured from 1909 until 1923 and was made of cast iron and rosewood handle.

What tools did the Aztec use?

They used axes made of wood and stone. The handle was carved from wood, and the blade was made of stone.

What is my washburn electric guitar made of?


What were roman javelins made out of?

wood and iron

What materials are shanty houses made out of?

iron,wood and metal

What is a tenon saw made of?

It's made of steel,often with a wood handle.

What was medieval knight armor made of?

most medieval armor was made from iron, wood, copper, steel, and leather. the main metal armor was made from steel and iron. sometimes the shields were made of wood and coated with metal.

What were the steamboats made of?

wood, cast iron, mild steel Interior probably was made of cloth, leather, wood.

Why wood is lighter than iron?

Wood is lighter than iron because the molecules wood is made up of are relatively further apart compared to iron. This means wood is less dense and also explains why wood burns rather than conducts heat energy.

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What wood is a gardening tool handle made from?

oak or beech

What is a gutiar made out of?

acoustic guitars are made of wood and electric ones are made of plastic

How did we iron our clothes in the olden days?

very similar to how we do it today. Before there was electricity, a person would use a clothes iron (same shape as what we use today, except it was made of iron and had a wooden handle.) This was placed on the stove (usually wood or coal burning) to heat it up, then used as we use it today to get the wrinkles out of clothing.

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