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Q: Why is the literal, word-for-word translation of The Metamorphosi.version of the text?
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What is human translation?

According to the cultural attitude adopted by the translator when translating, it can be divided into domestication translation and foreignization translation. Domestication translation refers to the translation of elements that are naturally suitable in the cultural context of the original language into elements that are naturally suitable in the cultural context of the translated language, so that the translated readers can immediately understand, that is, free translation. The foreignization translation is the appropriate translation directly according to the cultural context of the original language, that is, literal translation. According to the expected role of the translated works in the translated language and culture, it can be divided into instrumental translation and documentary translation. According to the form and meaning of the language involved in the translation. It is divided into semantic translation and communicative translation. Semantic translation reproduces the meaning of the context of the original text as accurately as possible under the conditions permitted by the semantics and syntactic structure of the target language. Communicative translation seeks to achieve the same effect on readers of the original text as possible. According to the translator's perspective of comparing and observing the original text and the translated text, it can be divided into literary translation and linguistic translation. Literary translation seeks the equivalence of literary functions between the translated text and the original text. Its theory often advocates that in the case where it is impossible to copy the literary expression of the original text, the translation text can only be more beautiful but not inferior. relationship issues. Linguistic translation seeks the law of systematic transformation between the two, and advocates applying the results of linguistic research to translation, and at the same time promoting the development of linguistics through translation practice. According to the relationship between the purpose of translation and the language form of the original language, it can be divided into literal translation and free translation. According to the translation medium, it is divided into interpretation, written translation, sight translation, simultaneous interpretation, etc.

Can you get a transliteration of 2 Corinthians 15?

Zondervan puts out a Greek interlinear translation of the Nestle text, with a literal English translation by Alfred Marshall. With this, you can easily work out a transliteration. But you'll have to get your reference right; there are only 13 chapters in 2 Corinthians.

What is literal reading?

it is when we understand what a text directly tells us.

What is the definition of literal number?

A "literal number" is simply a number that is written out as text, for example "eight" instead of "8".

Pie Jesu Domine dona eis Requiem Sempiternam. what is the English translation?

This may not be literal, but the meaning of the Requiem text is basically: Blessed Jesus, Lord our God, we pray that you will grant them eternal rest.

What is meant by a literal sense of the biblical text?

That the text is not read as metaphor, but in stead is held to be literally true, word for word.

What is Faithfulness in translation?

faithfulness in translation refers to giving the source text the whole attention

How does the esv Bible compare to the new American Bible?

In the process of Biblical manuscript translation there is a scale that ranges from more literal to the source text ("word-for-word") translations to more dynamic equivalency ("thought for thought") translations. To summarize it, the NASB follows a more word-for-word translation approach, even more literal to the source than even the King James Version is to it's manuscript base, while the ESV leans more to the side of thought-for-thought translation.

What is the translation of Ecce Romani 2 chapter 38?

You can put the text of this chapter into a translation site. This will provide the translation needed to help you out.

Where can you get the meanings of the 64 combinations used in you i ching?

The I-Ching or "Book of Changes" is the original text describing the 64 hexagrams. Depending on the translation and whether or not you buy it secondhand, the book will cost you anywhere from $2 to $40 (I have a second-hand translation that only cost me $2, and a hefty literal translation of the original text that cost me $36). There are also a number of websites that will describe not only the meanings of the hexagrams but the manner in which you divine them. Do a google search for the 64 hexagrams of the I-Ching and you will find pages of results.

Should we Award mastersdegree for translation of religious text?

no we must not

Define the literal level of comprehension?

that is the level which the student comprehend the text according to his own understanding

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