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Which part of the cell membrane prevents the cell from dissolving in water

What is it called when a molecule uses energy to move across a semipermeable membrane

Why is the phloem in a leaf important to the roots of a plant

What is the name for the protective structure that forms around an embryo

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Q: Why is the spores produced by pin mould are very light?
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Why are spores refractile?

Retractile means that the object in question is good at bending light, or refraction. Spores have structures that vary in density compared to the whole. This allows them to be very easily studied under light microscopes.

Do potatoes have spores?

The potato itself has no spores. However, potatoes can be very susceptible to fungus infections, particularly in storage. The fungus which attacks the potato, of course, will have spores.

What are spores?

Spores are the reproductive cells for fungi and ferns. They are small and light weight so that they can easily be carried by the wind.In, a spore is a reproductive structure that is adapted for dispersal and surviving for extended periods of time in unfavorable conditions. A chief difference between spores and seeds as is that spores have very little stored food resources compared with seeds.

How are spores and pollen suited for dispersal?

Spores and pollen are very light in weight and are always being scattered by the air easily on the land and here they come in contact with the other dipersal agents and carried away from one place to another place.

What is a mushroom seed called?

Mushrooms reproduce from spores not seeds. Plants that grow from spores are called fungi. Spores are very tiny and can't usually be seen with the naked eye.

When we switch on the light electrical energy is converted into light energy. But when we switch off the light the produced light disappears. In which energy the produced light energy is converted to?

The produced disappears whether you switch it off or not - otherwise it would get brighter and brighter. In a closed room, the light would eventually be absorbed, and converted to heat. Outdoors, the light may go into outer space, going on and on and on... at a very high speed known as the "speed of light". In general, bet on heat. Light turns into heat.

What properties has wood got?

It is very flexible and soft and can mould to just about anything.

How do you remove mold odor from pottery?

Bleach is very good at killing mould.

Is silver soft?

yes, it is a kind of soft metal and it is very easy to mould

What is anti light?

Two possibilities: 1) Light produced from a source that is in exactly the opposite phase from the light produced from another source (a very difficult experiment to demonstrate). 2) Light consisting of anti-protons (which may or may not exist - depending on who you ask).

What radioactive particle that can travel almost at the speed of light?

The neutrinos produced in Beta Decay travel at almost the speed of light, due to their very very small but nonzero mass.

Why are spores covered by hard protective coat?

The spores are protected by hard protective coat because the environment the spores might land, is not that very friendly. And the function of that covering is to protect the spore.

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