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Q: Why is WWI referred to as the first modern war?
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What is the war to end of all wars?

The "war to end all wars" was supposedly what is referred to as the first world war, or WWI. It is obviously not the case that WWI ended wars. This phrase, or something like it, started with H.G. Wells, I believe.

In which war was zeppelins first used?


When were vehicles first used in war?


When did World War 1 stop being referred to as the Great War?

It never stopped being referred to as the great war as a matter of fact. People till this day still sometimes call WWI "The great War" and WWII "The War". Though I'm sure you have also heard people call WWI "The war to end all wars" as well.

What does Tommy mean in War Horse?

Just as "Yank" referred to American soldiers in WWI and WWII, "Tommy" referred to any soldier in Great Britain's army.

Why do they call it the World War 1 or 2?

During and after WWI, nobody knew there would be another huge war, and everybody certainly hoped there would not. WWI was called "The Great War", until WWII came along. Since WWII got going on a large scale, they have been referred to as WWI and WWII.

Who used the first modern tank in World War 1?

WWI tanks certainly weren't anything modern by today's standards. Even by the mid-1920s, they were obsolete. But the British were the first to use tanks, and the French were the first to use a turret mounted gun.

Are poppies from World War II?

Also, it was called WWII because from 1914 -1918, the world fought another large war that was referred to as WWI ("the war to end all war").

What event ended the progressive era?

American Involvement in WWI American Involvement in WWI

Was the civil war called the great war or the first modern war?

The first modern war. World War 1 was the Great War.

What began in 1914 and ended in 1918?

The First World War (also WWI).

Why did they call great war the Great War?

The Great War (WWI) was the first of its kind, one that involved many nations.

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