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Q: Why mammalian enzymes have optimum temperatures of approximately 40oC?
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How are enzymes influenced by temperature increases or decreases?

For temperatures lower than its optimum, enzymes become inactive. This can be undone by bringing them back to optimum temperature. For temperatures higher than their optimum they are denatured and can no longer function even at optimum temperature.

Enzymes hot temperatures?

They would denature once the temperature passes the enzymes optimum temperature.

What is optimum temperature?

Increase in temperature speeds up the the rate of enzymes catalyzed reactions but only to a point .Every enzymes work at its maximum rate at a specific temperatures called as OPTIMUM TEMPERATURE for that enzyme

Why Optimum temperatures for enzymes in plants lower than enzymes found in animals?

humans for example must maintain a constant temp. of 37 degrees Celsius. so enzymes in humans have adapted to this higher temperature. plants usually live in colder conditions and don't need to maintain higher temperatures so the optimum temp. for their enzymes are lower.

What is the optimum temperature for lipase?

Most enzymes thrive in ideal temperatures of 37 degrees Celsius, and lipase is no exception.

What is the optimum pH range for enzymes?

Different enzymes have different optimum pH ranges.

Explain the effects of temperatures above the maximum and below the minimum growth temperatures on cellular enzymes?

Enzymes generally work within a given temperature range. As the temperature is increased the activity will increase. However if the optimum temperature is surpassed, the enzymes will stop working.

What is the optimum temperature for photosynthesis?

Approximately 36 Degrees Celsius. Any higher and the enzymes begin to denature (die)

Why does the human body has to be kept at 37?

37 Celsius is optimum temperature for all mammalian ( including human ) body enzymes ,hence tepm . must be maintained at 37 0 .

Do enzymes operate most efficiently at optimum pH?

Enzymes do operate most efficiently at optimum pH.

How does temperature affect enzyme activity?

The enzyme activity increases as the temperature rises due to the substrates colliding with the enzymes' active sites more frequently at higher temperatures. However, each enzyme has an optimum temperature as high temperatures denature enzymes.

What are the optimum conditions for enzymes?


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