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Q: Why was the United States destined to be an industrialized nation?
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Drawbacks in Us?

There are several drawbacks in the United States just as there are in any industrialized nation. The United States government does not have the man power to secure the borders. The United States is also in a economic recession.

What kind of jobs are there in South Korea?

South Korea is a modern industrialized nation which manufactures cars, and has pretty much all the kinds of jobs that you could find in any other modern industrialized nation such as the United States.

Which country has the lowest voter turnout in the world?

The United States has one of the lowest voter participation rates of any nation in the industrialized world.

What united the us as one nation?

The United States Constitution united the US states as one nation.

Is the US a nation?

the United States is a nation.

What nation fails to fit into the stratification typology of Most Industrialized Nation Industrializing Nation and Least Industrialized Nations?


The what united the states as 1 nation?

the 52 states to make the united states

What united the states as 1 nation?

the 52 states to make the united states

Which country causes the most pollutant gas that causes acid rain?

It's probably either the United States (because that nation is a large, very industrialized nation with lots of automobiles) or China (because they're also a large, becoming more and more industrialized nation, with a growing number of automobiles, and also they tend not to have stringent pollution controls).

How did the Industrial Revolution affect both industrialized and non-industrialized nation-states in the modern world system?

The industrial revolution created competition between industrialized nations. It also increased poverty in non-industrialized nations. This created a gap between industrialized and non-industrialized nations.

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