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Why 1997 mercury villager wont shift in 1st or 2nd gear overdrive light also blinks?

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Take it to a trusted transmission expert ASAP. You have a serious transmission problem. Continuing to drive the car may do irreparable damage.

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2003 Mercury Mountaineer check engine light and overdrive light?

my check engine light stays on and the o/d light blinks....what could this mean?

What does an overdrive blinking light mean on 1999 ford explorer?

When the overdrive light blinks that means a malfunction has been detected - get it checked out

Where can you buy a center light for a 1995 Mercury Villager?


What is the od off light on your mercury mystique?

That's the overdrive off light

What does it mean when the overdrive off light blinks for a 2002 Ford Explorer xlt 4wd?

A malfunction has been detected

What do I do about my Mercury Mountaineer that has 58000 miles the overdrive light blinks and will not go off and the check transmission light stays on?

That happen to me when I had a transmission problem on my 2002. You need to goto the dealer. Are you having problems with hard shifting? email me offline

Why does the oil light flash on your mercury villager?

dont no lol xx

What does it mean when the overdrive off light blinks for a 1995 Ford Explorer 4wd?

The transmission has set a code and you need to get it checked.

What is the reason the overdrive light blinks and why does it feel like it down shifts when it goes on?

The overdrive light blinks when the computer senses a transmission problem. (IE. Torque Converter failure) The reason it feels like it downshifts is due to the computer putting the transmission into a fail-safe mode to reduce further transmission damage.

Why is my overdrive light blinking off in a 2002 f-150 xlt?

overdrive light blinks when there is a problem in the transmission. take it to a good transmission repairer, as soon as you can to be fixed, or it will leave you broke down on the road somewhere

Why does my 1997 mercury tracer car battery light blinks on and off while the car is running?

If your 1997 Mercury Tracer has a battery light that blinks on and off while the car is running, it most likely means that the battery is not charging. This could be an issue with your alternator.

How do you change the overdrive light on a 98 villager?

You will have to remove the instrument cluster. This may be an LED that should never have failed.

Where do you look when the check engine light on a 1994 Mercury Villager comes on?

dash dash

Where is the mercury villager hazard light switch?

Usually on the dash to the right of the steering wheel.

Where is the brake light switch located on a 1994 mercury villager?

On the brake pedal assembly.

How do you change rear brake light 2001 mercury villager?

To change the rear brake light on a Mercury Villager, the tail gate must first be lifted. This allows access to the lens, which must be removed with a screwdriver. Then, the bulb may be replaced.

How do you replace light bulb on high mount brake light on 1998 Mercury Villager GS?

Just unscrew it.

Why is the overdrive off light flashing in your 1999 Mercury Mystique?

A malfunction has been detected

How to troubleshoot a check engine light on a 1998 Mercury Villager?

Have vehicle scanned to determine the problem

How do you reset the 'service engine soon' light on a 1999 Mercury Villager?

With an OBD2 scanner.

1996 Mercury Villager the check engine light comes on and off?

have vehicle scanned to determine problem

How do you reset check engine light on a 1994 mercury villager?

The easiest way is to unhook the battery for a minute.

How do you replace Dash light bulbs in a 1995 Mercury Villager?

You have to remove the instrument cluster to get access to the bulbs.

What to do when 98 Mercury Villager battery light is on?

This indicates a no-charge situation. Most likely the alternator is bad.

How do you change the tail light of a 1995 Mercury Villager?

The bulbs screw in from the rear. There are screws holding the light assy on and youhave to take them out to take the light off.