2000-2005 Dodge & Plymouth Neons

Why 2 or 4 wheel alignment for 2005 Dodge Neon?


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2005 Dodge neon has a rear adjustment for TOE only

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from the factory the rear of a neon has limited adjustment available for alignment, with aftermarket parts more adjustment is available

There was no 2009 Dodge Neon. 2005 was the last year.

A 2005 Neon has a timing belt not a chain.

The fuel filter on a 2005 Dodge Neon is inside the fuel tank. It is part of the pump module.

Yes, a Dodge Neon has a coolant temperature sensor.

yes 2000 to 2005 all had the same motor

I Have a 96 dodge neon and it holds 10 gallons. 2000-2005, 12.5 gallons.

The coolant temperature sensor on a 2005 Dodge Neon is located on the cylinder head. It is close to the camshaft position sensor.

Adjust the tie rod ends, or take it for an alignment

yes it will, only a few mods will need to be done

all neons are front wheel drive!

A Dodge Neon does not have a distributor.A Dodge Neon does not have a distributor.

Not recommended.Not recommended.

The dodge neon 1995 parts are compatible with dodge neon 1999

According to MSN Autos...Dodge Neons were made from 1995-2005

There never was a 1985 Neon. A 1995-2005 Neon has the fuel pump inside the fuel tank.

under the hood driver side above wheel well.

All Neon's were front wheel drive. Whether it be the Dodge or Plymouth.

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