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Two scenarios exist where a wireless network might not know if a frame was successfully delivered, that do not exist in a wired network. First, a weak wireless signal could mean that the sender may not be capable of transmitting and listening at the same time, and this makes collision detection impossible. Second, fading or the hidden-terminal problem could mean that interference occurred during the transmission without the sender knowing.

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How do you connect a wired router to a wired modem?

Usually with an ethernet cable

What is the most popular transmition media for wired Ethernet networks is?

The most popular transmission media option for wired Ethernet networks is ________.

Does wireless involve Ethernet?

Ethernet is a wired networking solution. Even thou WiFi resembles a lot of the key distinguishing features of Ethernet, Ethernet is clearly defined as wired by IEEE (Protocol 802.3) while WiFi is defined as wireless (Protocol 802.11).

How do you connect to Xbox live wired?

Broadband. Ethernet cord.

What is an alternative to the ethernet standard for wired home networks?


What is the difference between 802.11 mac address and Ethernet mac address?

802.11 is for wireless, Ethernet is for your wired network.

What is the use of the Ethernet port?

It gives you a wired connection to your internet router.

What are the three types of wired home networks?

Ethernet, Powerline, Phoneline

How do you connect your xbox to the internet with a modem?

Wireless or Wired (ethernet cable).

How do you convert computer from wireless to Ethernet?

Technically, wireless networking standards are part of the Ethernet family of standards, so what you're really asking about is changing from wireless Ethernet to wired Ethernet. If your computer has a working RJ45 port, all you need is an Ethernet connector cable to connect to a suitable hub or router. If your computer doesn't have that port, you need to install a wired network adapter.

Can you use a switch to share an Ethernet line with both a computer and ps3 at the same time?

Yes the switch is called a router and it can be wireless or wired with ethernet cables. I use my wireless router as a wired router because it also includes four ethernet cable connections in the back.

What is meant by ethernet?

Ethernet is the international standard networking technology for wired implementations. In other words, Local Area Network (LAN).

Do you still have to buy the Ethernet cable for PS3 live?

Yes if you want to have a wired connection instead of WiFi you have to purchase an ethernet cable.

The most popular transmission medium option for wired ethernet networks is?


What is the most common set of protocols used on a local wired network?


What is ethernet network?

"Ethernet network" is a term frequently used to describe a wired computer network using Cat-5 network cables.

What ps2 games go online without Ethernet?

No, all PS2 games need a wired ethernet connection. PS2 does not have a wireless setting.

What is a wired modem or router?

A wired modem or router is one that you must connect to your computer with an Ethernet cable in order to connect the computer to the internet.

What are the wired ports?

this is answer in view of IT and Ethernet port. Answer: An Ethernet port is an opening on computer network equipment that Ethernet cables plug into. These ports are alternatively called jacks or sockets. Ethernet ports accept cables with RJ-45 connectors.

IS HP Color Laserjet 3600n a wireless printer?

No. It has a wired Ethernet port, but no wireless

Can you play fifa 11 online on the ps2?

You can play online if you have a wired ethernet connection.

What type of cable is wired at both end using the T568A standard?

Ethernet Crossover

How do you hook up a xbox to a dsl modem?

You can connect your Xbox by wireless or wired (ethernet).

Can you connect a wired router to a wireless access point and if so how?

Each Wireless Access Point generally has 4 connections (ethernet wired socket), using which a wired router can be connected to any one of them and then configure the wired router ....

Explain the advantage and disadvantage of Ethernet?

An ethernet connection is known as 'wired' and is quicker and more secure than wifi. A disadvantage is that the ethernet cable connecting the computer and router needs to be in place at all times.