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Often a fuel filter will be partially blocked and the fuel pressure will drop after the engine runs for a short time. Also, a fuel filter can run well for a short time and then fail from bad bearings or heat. Electronic components are notorious for failing after they have run briefly. If an electronic component fails it can appear to be just fine while you're testing it, but fail shortly after starting the engine. Often an engine will run briefly but the injector computer does not receive the indiction that the engine is running, and the computer will shut down the fuel pump. In fact, that usually happens after about 10 seconds. That's plenty of alternatives for you to check out. If you can get a GM code scanner you should be able to get some kind of reading. Good luck.

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Q: Why 89 20i cav will not start only start on a tow but dies after 10 seconds feels like fuel but checked and got a good spark?
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Why won't scooter start after a year of storage?

Have you checked for spark? Have you changed Spark Plug?

What does a 1997 Ford Crown Victoria need checked when battery turns over but won't start?

Spark at the plug, and fuel to start with.

When I try to start my 84 feiro it turn over but won't start?

More information is needed. Does the engine turn over, but not start? Have you checked for gas and spark?

My ford capris engine will start run for 5 seconds then it dies?

You should probably get that checked by a mechanic.

What should you look for if your car will not start and the battery and all the fuses have been checked?

Assuming that the starter is rotating and turning over the engine. Check for spark Check for fuel - You can get a can of starter fluid form an auto supply stoe - spray a little into the intake. Car should try to start - if it atttempts to run for a few seconds then the problem is fuel relatedm if not then it is spark related.

Why would a 1995 Chrysler Cirrus act like it wants to start but it won't fire up also checked spark plugs and they where wet with oil changed them but still wouldn't start what can it be?

if it is getting fuel and spark it could be the map sensor

What would cause a Mazda 323 not to start if there is a spark and plenty of fuel?

In order for the vehicle to start, you need to have a spark, fuel and oxygen. If you're not getting an adequate oxygen supply, your vehicle won't start. Have you checked your intake? Or perhaps your exhaust system could be clogged as well.

1995 VW Jetta battery went dead replaced now car turns over but wont start Checked it has fuel but no spark Is there some sort of lock out in this car that has to be reset Please help?

I did have the same problem but found that after inserting the key into ignition I deed to wait +/- 3 seconds and I can hear the start relay (on the relay pannel) click in. If I do not hear this relay click in the car just does not start (No spark from the electronic coil to the distributor).

What could cause a 89 iroc to start the first time every time But if you kill the switch it will not start back for atleast a minute i have checked fuel and spark?


What could be the problem if your 1995 Lincoln Continental doesn't start?

Most starting problems are checked by starting with ethier fuel, spark, or battery.

What if your 1996 Lincoln Continental will turn over no spark checked fuel pump shutoff switch but will not start?

try the crank/fuel sensor...

Why will 1987 Honda Prelude si not start We checked the main relay and replaced the fuel pump We are getting fuel at the fuel filter?

are you getting fuel past the fuel filter. do you have spark at the spark plugs

Your 1998 Jeep Wrangler turns over but no spark or gas to motor?

My 1998 Jeep Wrangler turns over great but will not start. What are the choices to be checked out?

Cannot start the car from time to time but can start the car however with boost. just replaced the spark plugs. the batterly is OK.?

Have you alternator checked also starter my be going out.

How do you fix a 1993 Dodge Caravan V6 3.3 liter that won't start?

You have to figure out first, is it getting spark? Is it getting fuel? Have you disconnected a spark plug wire and cranked engine? Have you checked fuel pressure? . Start there first and get back. Need more info to help you.

Why wont your truck start changed fuel pump filter checked relay and fuses checked fuel pressure charged battery checked injectors checked kill switch Truck still wont start Please help?

Check electrical spark, if you have good fire, you can put a few drips of gas or spray some ether in to determine if it is a fuel issue, if it runs on ether, then try rotor and cap.

1996 Chevy Astro van getting spark and fuel but will not start Any suggestions?

check to see if it's still in time and have the compression checked, if these four are correct it has to run. time, fuel compression and spark. hope it helps

Why is 1993 Ford Taurus hard to start when cold?

The first thing to check is the spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor cap and rotor. Failing spark plugs/ wires are a common cause for a poor cold start condition. There may be a problem with the coolant temperature sensor. Have the sensor checked and the vehicle scanned, but don't over look the basics.

1994 silverado turns over but wont start what is the problem?

Have you checked for fuel and spark? Fuel pumps ad burnt ignition rotors are very commen on these vehicles

1993 Mazda 626 is cranking but no spark?

I have a 1993 Mazda 626, 5 speed. Had to replace the whole wiring harness. After replacing the harness my car will not start. All it does is crank, I checked for spark and i have none. Replaced the distributor rotor, spark plugs and still no spark. even checked to see if the fuses are all good. Oh also i don't have to hold the clutch in it cranks without holding the clutch in Never did that before. Anyone have any ideas? Or where i can look for more help?

2003 jeep wrangler will crank but wont start checked fuel and spark and okay. is there anyway to adjust the timing?

No, timing is not adjustable. If timing is not correct a part has failed.

Why would a 2000 Alero not start if it has spark and fuel?

Hi..I recently had troubles with my alero, and it was the intake manifold gasket, which i guess is a common problem with 2000 alero's...i would get that checked out

Cant have a Cherokee Laredo 98 start checked wires and no 12V neither to fuel pump nor to spark plugs?

check reset for fuel switch(rollover sensor)

How do you start a lawn mower that keeps dying after a few seconds?

Change the oil of the lawnmower and clean the air filter. Your spark plug might need to be cleaned.

When you start wearing contacts does it need getting used to Is your vision supposed to be blurred?

no. Maybe for a few seconds when they are first inserted. Otherwise, the prescription needs to be checked for accuracy.