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The difference between the electronegativities of lithium and chlorine is big and an ionic bond is formed by electrostatic attraction.

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What is the difference between strontium chloride and lithium chloride?

Strontium chloride is a compound of lithium and chlorine with the formula SrCl2. Lithium chloride is a compound of lithium and chlorine with the formula LiCl.

What is lithium chloride?

Lithium and chlorine.

What elements make up lithium chloride?

Lithium = LiCl = Lithium + Chlorine

What compound do lithium and chlorine produce?

Lithium and Chlorine produce the compound Lithium Chloride.

Is chlorine and lithium a iconic compound?

Lithium combines with chlorine to form lithium chloride which is an ionic compound.

How many atoms are in lithium chloride?

Lithium chloride is LiCl. There are two atoms (one lithium and one chlorine).

What is the name of the compound made from lithium and chlorine?

LiCl is an ionic compound called lithium chloride.

What lithium and chlorine type of bond?

Lithium chloride has an ionic bond.

Are chlorine and lithium an ionic compound?

Lithium chloride is an ionic compound.

What is the name of a binary compound made up lithium and chlorine?

The name of a binary compound made up lithium and chlorine is lithium chloride.

Is chlorine chemically unreactive?

no, chlorine likes to bond to elements in the alkaline family very easily such as lithium or sodium, which make lithium chloride and sodium chloride(salt).

What is the balanced symbol equation for lithium and chlorine?

Lithium + Chlorine ---> Lithium Chloride + Hydrogen L2 + Cl2 ---> 2LiCl + H2

How does lithium chloride form?

Lithium chloride is produced by treatment of lithium carbonate with hydrochloric acid. It can in principle also be generated by the highly exothermic reaction of lithium metal with either chlorine or anhydrous hydrogen chloride gas

Is lithium chloride a compound?

Yes. It has constant proportions between lithium and chlorine but can be decomposed into its elements.

How many elements are there in LiCl?

Lithium chloride consists of two (2) elements, lithium and chlorine.

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