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Why Ford f150 front fuel tank won't work-replaced pump and switching valve?

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βˆ™ 2007-04-10 22:32:28

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Try replacing the fuel pump relay in the PDB box in the engine compartment. Good luck.

2007-04-10 22:32:28
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What is the location of the PCV valve on a 3.0 OHV Ford Taurus?

The PCV valve on a 3.0 Ford Taurus is on top of the engine. Valve is at the front of the engine and is easily accessible.

Where is the PVc valve on a 1979 ford pickup?

Mine's in the Right Side front Valve Cover

Where do you locate the IMRC on 1998 Ford Taurus?

Its under the front valve vanity cover.

Where is the modulator valve located on a 1986 Ford Tempo automatic transmission?

A modulator valve is located inside the case, in front of the modulator.

Where is the PCV valve located on a 2002 Ford Escort?

The PCV valve is an abbreviation for Positive Crankcase Ventilation, which is the recycling of gases of a vehicle. In a 2002 Ford Escort the PCV valve is located in the front of the engine near the drivers side.

Where is the egr valve on a ford 5.8l located?

egr valve on 5.8l is located on top of engine, passenger side front bolted at intake

Where is the load sensor valve on a ford escort van located?


Where do i find a diagram for a 1989 ford f250 switching valve for the fuel system?

I don't know where you can get a diagram but Ford has some recalls out on duel fuel tanks. Check with a dealer yours could be covered.

Where is the Variable Valve Timing Solenoid on a Ford Escort 2.0?

on the engine exhaust cam the front of the cam .

Where is the pcv valve located on a 1989 ford F150 302 fuel injected?


Where is the PCV valve on a ford v 10?

The PCV valve is located on the top of the right (passenger side) valve cover. It's connected via a vacuum line to a port on the front of the throttle body.

Where is the pcv valve located on a 96 223l xlt ford ranger?

its under the intake towards the front of the motor

Where is the air conditioner low pressure valve on the Ford Focus 2005?

The low side air conditioner pressure valve is located on the top of the accumulator of the Ford Focus 2005. This is located in the front of the passenger wheel near the bumper.

Where is the PCV valve on a 2004 Ford Freestar?

This will depend on the engine size. If it's a 3.0L then it's location in the right rear valve cover next to the firewall. All others have it in the left front valve cover.

Where is PVC valve in 1998 Ford Explorer Sport?

On the 1998 Ford Explorer Sport with 4.6L V8 the positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) will be located on the driver's side of the vehicle. On top of the front-left engine valve cover will be a grommet and hose assembly. In between the grommet and hose, and attached to the valve cover is the PCV valve.

Where is the EGR Valve located on a 2001 Ford F 150?

the egr valve is on the top front of the block and is easy accesable by your do it your self mechanic and the sensor is about 5 inches behind it

Where is the intake manifold runner control valve on a 1998 2.5 Ford Contour SE?

It is located on the front valve cover under the cover that says "duratec 24v dohc"

Where is the egr valve on 1999 ford ranger?

The egr valve is on the front of the engine near the head. On a 6 cylinder it is on the passenger side, while the 4 cylinder is on the drivers side.

Where is the EGR valve on a 1999 Ford Mustang 3.8L?

it is right in front of the engine by the pully is a squashed sphere on top

Where is the cam timing sensor on a 2005 ford mustang?

There are two,they are located on top and near the front of each valve cover

Why ford escort zx2 won't stay running?

Check the PCV Valve in the front half way down the engine

Where to put the motor oil in a ford expedition 2000?

On a 2000 Ford Expedition ( 4.6 and 5.4 ) The engine oil filler cap is on an extension tube on top of the passenger side engine valve cover . It's near the front of the valve cover

How do you change the egr valve on a 2002 Ford Escape?

How do you replace the EGR Valve on a 2001 Ford Escape?

Locate PCV valve on a 1995 Ford Contour?

Locate pcv valve on 1995 ford contour

Where is the egr valve located on a 2000 Ford Explorer?

Where is the EGR valve located on a 2000 Ford Explorer