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men do not have periods

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โˆ™ 2017-08-14 16:54:35
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Q: Why Hasn't My Boyfriend gotten his period?
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You and your boyfriend were fooling around now you haven't gotten your period?

Get a test kit to see if there's any cause for alarm.

Why hasnt Jessica sanchez gotten her period?

it is common for people to get their periods late. as jessica is just 14 years old it does not matter. people get their periods even at the age of 16. its better if the person checks with the doctor.

Can a 12 year old sperm and make a 9 year old pregnant?

well i dont judge but you shouldnt be having sex at such a young age. first doesthe 9 year old im guessing this is the girl have her period. once a girl has had her period she can get pregnant but it all depends on if the guy has gone through pubertyso if the girl hasnt gotten her period yet the answer is no she cant be pregnant. but if she has gotten it and the guy has gone through puberty yes it is possible for the girl to be pregnant. if the guy hasnt gone through puberty once again the answer is no. so she can only be pregnant if the guy has gone through puberty and the girl has gottenher period.

Could you get pregnant if you have not gotten your period for 2 months?

could you get pregnant if you have not gotten your period for 2 months?

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No, but you could get "cramps" if you've already gotten your period

Why haven't i gotten my period for two months?

Why haven't i gotten my period for two months? can it be do to stress? or something else? i have the mirena... for a year now....

Has Selena Gomez gotten her period yet?


If you have a period and are extremely emotional afterwards can you still be pregnant?

You could have gotten pregnant on your period

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