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Why Jamestown is on the land of Massachussetts?

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Jamestown is in Virginia. It was founded in 1607. Massachusetts was settled by the Pilgrims, who did not come until later.,_Virginia

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Free land was given to who in Jamestown?

who received free land in Jamestown

Was Jamestown located on swampy land?


Where did Jamestown settle?

Jamestown was settled on a marsh land.

Was there slavery in massachussetts?

no massachussetts was a union state.

What is the earliest legislator in north America?

The earliest legislative assembly? Jamestown, in Virginia, 1619. Note that this is one year before the pilgrim landing in Massachussetts.

What land is Jamestown located today?

Today, Jamestown is located on an island in the James River.

Why did the colonists in Jamestown fight the powhatans?

because the powhatans took land from the jamestown.. i think

Why is Jamestown called James town?

Jamestown is named after King James, who gave the land to the English to colonize it.

The land in Jamestown turned out to be ideal for growing what?


How did land in Jamestown affect the settlers?

the were selling tabocca

Why was the site of Jamestown a poor choice?

Swampy land

When did the Jamestown colony find land?

February 1607

What did Nether-land have in common with Jamestown?


Who was governor of Jamestown and gave land to the men?


Did John Smith start Jamestown to on the land of gold?

he did

What was the name of the first ship to land in Jamestown?


What land did christopher Newport explore?

He explored jamestown

What were the land and climate of Jamestown?

rocky, hilly and cold

Who discover Jamestown when were how?

Jamestown Virginia was discovered by the colonists when they came to America in 1607. They arrived and discovered the land where Jamestown was founded about 40 miles from the Atlantic Ocean.

What people were in Jamestown?

the people in Jamestown were British colonists that were looking for more land for great Britain. Jamestown is the first successful settlement in the new world or north America

What is the abbreviation for Massachussetts?


What is abbreviation for massachussettS?


Did Columbus land in hispanola before the founding of the Jamestown colony?

Yes. Columbus landed in 1492, Jamestown was founded in 1607.

How did Jamestown become successful?

Tabboco, House of Burgesses, Land,

How did life change for the native Americans after Jamestown?

They lost their land.