Why Pointing with index finger is rude?

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In some cultures, pointing with the finger formerly indicated casting a curse. It's a custom. Quite often there are no logical reasons for customs, but to avoid offending people we follow them anyway.
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What does it mean when someone points with the index finger of one hand whilst the index finger of the other hand is on their nose?

It means "you got it," "that's it, exactly." It's used whileplaying Charades, to let your team members know that the letter,word, or phrase you just said is what you were acting out. You teammembers are expected to remember that correct piece of the puzzleas they continue to guess the entire answer. ( Full Answer )

What are the names of the parts of the index finger?

From the nail down the distal phalances, distal interphalangealjoint, the middle phalanges and then the proximal interphalangealjoints. The base of the finger is comprised of the proximalphalanges and the knuckles.

How many bones are in your index finger?

Three - The proximal phalanx, middle phalanx, and the distal phalanx. Each with a joint between them and the neighboring bone(s).

Why is the index finger called an index finger?

'To index' is to point out or to show something, so the finger with which you point out or show something is called the index finger , or just another way of calling it is the pointer finger .

Index finger cold pain in wrist?

I'd bet it's Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Despite it's reputation, it's not just a yuppie disease, and if you let it go on for months or years with no treatment your hand muscles could atrophy. Since you can't go to the doctor now, get a wrist splint at the pharmacy and wear in on that hand, particularly ( Full Answer )

Why is the rude finger rude?

In the war, the archers would shoot the advancing enemy. The enemy were threatening to cut off the archers' middle fingers if they lost. When the archers' army won, the archers stuck their finger up at the enemy as if to say ' na na nana na, we've still got our fingers! ' Unfortunately, now, it mean ( Full Answer )

Is there a pulse in your index finger?

There is a pulse everywhere in you body. Your pulse is the number of times your heart beats in a minute and so if there is no "pulse" in any area of the body it is not receiving blood from the heart and will die pretty quick. There is however not usually a strong enough pulse in the index finger for ( Full Answer )

Is the index finger the middle finger?

No, the index finger is next to the thumb. Then the middle finger. Then the ring finger. Then the little finger, sometimes called pinky.. no its the one between the middle finger and the thumb. The one you point it.

Wearing a ring on your index finger?

No it doesnt mean your gay go right ahead bro. Thats wrong... any guy who wears a ring on their index finger. is deffs open to some gay stuff..... anyways the ones who wear it look gay. its not a rule or anything.. it is wat it is. if your cool with that label, wear it. if you still don't care. ( Full Answer )

Is pointing at something rude?

Yes and no because yes if its a person they might think you are talking bad bout them but if it an animal or a stuffed animal its not as bad because they dont know what you are doing and maybe they do but you are just showing somebody the animal.. Yes and no because yes if its a person they might t ( Full Answer )

How did the index finger get its name?

An INDEX is defined as a "pointer" - from Latin: informer - that which points. It is the finger used for pointing, thus the "index" finger.

Which finger is index finger?

Finger next to the thumb, i.e. To the immediate right of the thumb on your right hand To the immediate left of the thumb on your left hand

Numbness in thumb and index finger?

If you have numbness beginning in fingers or toes, and you're diabetic, there's a strong possibility you're beginning to suffer from diabetic neuropathy (see links). This is very bad, since it means that your high blood sugar levels are beginning to cause permanent and progressive damage to your bod ( Full Answer )

What does it mean if your ring finger is longer than your index finger?

if your ring finger is slightly larger than your index finger than it is sientificaly proven that you will gain weight eaisly and if your index finger is slightly bigger than your ring finger than it will be harder for you to gain weight Um...no. If I were you, I would ignore this person complete ( Full Answer )

What if a boy gives you the rude finger?

Then that boy has no respect for girls/women and will not get very far in life... It depends...what did you? If you kicked him or hit him that wasn't very nice, but you're right it was mean of him to give you the rude finger. Just ignore him and he will get bored eventually and go away.

Width of index finger?

The width of an index finger depends on the size of the person. Forinstance, an average size person will have an index finger that isroughly one half inch wide.

Which finger is your index finger?

The finger which is on the right side of your middle finger in the right hand or the finger between the thumb and the middle finger.

Is index finger also ring finger?

No, the index finger is the first finger while the ring finger is the third, although some people do wear rings on it as well as the ring finger. Answer: The index finger is the "pointer" finger, the one next to your thumb. The "ring" finger is two over, next to your pinky. Of course, you can wear a ( Full Answer )

If your index finger is longer then your ring finger what does that mean?

The relationship between the sizes of body parts is promoted in folk lore as a way of guessing what the size of "hidden bits" are compared to the visible bits. 'Fraid not. As an experiment try these old grannies' knitting rules: . Twice round your thumb is onece around your wrist . Twice round ( Full Answer )

What does a mole on the index finger mean?

it might indicate that u have a finger even if ure not aware, tht mark wud keep on reminding tht u have one.nd it will also help u in differentiating ur index finger with the rest of the fingers.so now im sure tht i have four fingers and a thumb.

What is right index finger?

The right index finger is the finger on the right (as opposed to left) hand closest to the thumb.

What finger is next to the index finger?

Depends. If you hold you hands palms down in front of your body, then next to the index finger, towards the center of the body, is the thumb. Next to the index finder, towards the outside of the body, is the middle finger, or digitus medius .

Is the index finger the same finger as the fore finger?

No Typically the index finger is at least twice, if not three times as big as your fore finger. If this isn't the case then you should probably consult your doctor as you may be suffering from 'norfolk-syndrome' on account of your mother and father being brother and sister.

What can cause swelling and tingling in your index finger?

Writing an cause swelling in the index finger, especially if you hold your pen in an unusual way to most people. If you have sores and cuts on the side of your fingernail, it could cause an infectious swelling on the finger, which can easily be sorted by some savlon. Sometimes, an ingrown nail can c ( Full Answer )

Is finger-pointing rude?

Yes, finger pointing is considered to be rude. If you must 'point out' something use polite and brief hand gestures, a nod of your head in the direction of the person or object, or even a glance with your eyes.

What does the cross tattoo on the index finger mean?

well, if your catholic then you know that when you got into a church you put your index finger in wholly water and you tap your forehead the middle of your chest then your right shoulder then your left. some people kiss that finger after words but it inst required. when you tap your forehead its the ( Full Answer )

Does the index finger have a pulse?

No.. the index finger does not have a pulse... for this reason, when feeling for a person's pulse, you use your middle finger and your index finger (you never use your thumb as it has a pulse)

Why does a woman where a ring on their right index finger?

Because she doesn't know ware else to where her wears. Traditionally, It's actually 3d finger left-hand for most English-speaking countries because in ancient times it was believed a vein ran through there straight to the heart. Index is first (or pointing) finger

Where on the hand is the index finger?

The index finger refers to the second finger on both the right and left hand. The index finger is commonly used for pointing or directing at something.