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Why RC oscillators are not used for high frequencies?

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The "C" in RC is capacitance, and at high frequencies, the C will shunt the signal more than at lower frequencies. The loss through the cap will climb right along with frequency. And as the cap's performance goes down, so, too, does the circuit performance. RC oscillator performance is far from linear at the top of the frequency range.

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What are the applications of RC phase shift oscillator?

RC phase shift oscillators are used for musical instruments, oscillators, voice synthesis, and GPS units. They work at all audio frequencies.

What is the advantages of L-C oscillator circuit?

At high frequencies for rc oscillators stray capacitances comes into act so q value reduses where for lc circutes q value is high

Classification of oscillators?

1. RC oscillators 2. LC oscillators

What is the use of rc circuits?

RC circuits are used as oscillators. It is also used in filter design.

Why RC oscillators are not suitable for high frequency generation?

Because an RC oscillator is affected by stray capacitance in the active components in the circuit. HF oscillators use an LC tuned circuit to define the frequency.

Frequency of RC coupled oscillators derivation?


What are RC circuits used for?

RC circuits can be used to filter a signal by blocking certain frequencies and passing others.

How do frequencies in RC cars affect how they work?

Different frequencies won't interfere with each other.

Viva questions for RC phase shift oscillator?

A phase-shift oscillator is a simple electronic oscillator circuit. It consists of an inverting amplifier element such as a transistor or op amp, with its output fed back into its input through an filterconsisting of a network of resistors and capacitors. The feddback network 'shifts' the phase of the amplifier output by 180 degrees at the oscillation frequency, to give positive feedback.[1] Phase shift oscillators are mostly used at lower frequencies, often in the audio frequency range as audio oscillators.

Why we don't give input connection and there is only output connection in RC shift oscillators?

beacause the supply is the input and the output is the square wave

Why RC coupled amplifier is called audio amplifier?

Because radio control relies on different frequencies. Since frequencies are involved in the process, an audio amplifier can be used to amplify alternating currents (currents that change), and it does the same job.

Why phase shift oscillator uses three RC pairs?

The frequency stability of oscillators depend on the rate of change of phase with frequency. RC sections help improve the frequency stability. The net phase shift introduced by the RC feedback network is 180 degrees ,which contains n sections.Thus each RC section introduces 180/n degree phase shift. When 2 RC sections are cascaded due to low phase change rate the frequency stability is low. For 3 sections cascaded the phase change rate is high and hence there is improved frequency stability. However for 4 RC sections there is an excellent phase change rate resulting in the most stable oscillator configuration. But 4 RC sections increases cost and makes circuit bulky. Hence phase shift oscillators make use of 3 RC sections in which each section provides a phase shift of 60 degree. The latter is generally used in high precision applications where cost is not much regarded and only accuracy plays a major role.

Why you use crystal oscillator in Intel 8085 microprocessor?

we can use rc or lc oscillators also but crystal oscillator makes it to have longer life time

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What happen if you connect capacitor and resistor in parallel in low pass filter?

Only frequencies in the pass band range will be allowed through the circuit. Other frequencies will be attenuated based on the RC values picked.

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Why voltage gain reduced at low frequency and high frequency?

Depends on the elements used in the circuit.1.At Low frequency: The coupling capacitors are used to isolate the AC input and output from DC bias conditions for active devices. These capacitors with the input and output impedance of the active device act as a high pass RC filter, hence the gain falls.2. At High Frequency: The frequency is high, but not as high as the microwave frequencies. There are two reasonsa>The capacitance of connecting wires are connected in parallel the i/p and o/p. When a capacitor is connected in parallel it acts as low pass filter, hence the voltage gain falls. This is when the frequency is high but not high as microwave frequencies.b> The parasitic capacitance's of the active device are connected in parallel with the i/p and o/p terminals. They along with the device impedances act as low pass filter.

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used in the high commercial and residintial bulidings of long span beams

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