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They didn't want to test a human so they sent a dog first which actually is still in space because back then they didn't have a tracking device to send in space, so they sent it , thinking it would come back down but it stayed up there and no one has seen that poor little dog ever since.

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What kind of dog did Russia send to the moon?

Russia or any other country has not sent any dogs to the moon. All the dogs sent into space by Russia have been to earth orbit only. Laika, the first dog in space, was a mongrel but said to be mostly Siberian Husky.

Who sent the dog into space?


First country to send dog to moon?

No country has ever sent a dog to the moon.

What is the name of the first dog that made it to the moon?

No dog has ever been sent to the moon.

What was the name of the dog sent to space by Russia?


Who was the 1st dog on moon?

No dogs have been sent to or landed on the moon.

What country sent the first animal in to space?

Russia sent a dog before the US sent chimps.

Who was the first dog who land on the moon?

There has never been a dog on the moon. However, a dog named Laika was sent into space by the Russians.

When did Russia first send a dog into space?

Laika the dog was sent into orbit in 1957.

Did any dog go with Armstrong to moon?

No there was no dog . But the Russian sent a dog called Lyka.

Who is the first dog went to the moon?

Belka and Strelka from Russia

Did America send a chimp or man first in space?

Russia sent a dog. The USA sent a chimp.

Why did scientists sent a dog to space?

they also sent Monkeys. They did this to see what would happen if they sent them to the moon and Other places.

When did the first dog land on the moon?

Although dogs have been sent into orbit of the Earth, they have not yet landed on the moon.

Who was the first dog to go to the moon?

Laika? That's what I heard. Another Answer: No dog has ever been to the moon. The Russians sent a dog into space orbit for a few days in the early sixties though.

What country sent Laika in space?

Laika was the first dog in space and Russia (Then the USSR) was the country that did it.

Was a monkey first to visit space?

No. Russia sent a dog named Laika into space first.

Which was the first living creature sent into the orbit?

Lakia, a dog abord the Sputnik 2, from Soviet Russia.

Who is the the first dog in the moon?

The only animals to visit the moon have been humans. In all, NASA sent 24 men around the moon, 12 of which landed and walked on the moon.

What kind of animal was lakika the first living thing sent to to space?

a dog called Laika was sent to space

What kind of live animal was sent to president Jefferson?

A live prairie dog was sent to the president by Lewis and Clark.

What kind of live animal was sent to the president Jefferson?

A live prairie dog.

Who were the first three people in space?

Neil Armstrong and some other people. Also Russia were the first people that sent something up to space because they sent a dog but that dog died when it came up to space.

What kind of dog was sent to space in 1957?

Laika was an eleven pound mongrel female

What was the name of the dog sent in space in 1997?

No dog was sent into space in 1997

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