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Baptised (Amritdhari) Sikhs are not allowed to consume meat/liquor/or any intoxicating substance. Sikhs who are not baptised may or may not eat meat according to their personal preference.

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Q: Why Sikhs don't eat meatreligion and scientifically?
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What Sikhs eat for breakfast?

Sikhs eat food for breakfast

What are Sikhs allowed to eat?

Sikhs can eat rice and wheat products. They also eat milk products but some Sikhs do not eat meat

Where do Sikhs eat at the gurdwara?

Sikhs eat at a community kitchen called the Langar.

What special food do Sikhs eat in the festival?

sikhs eat Roti in festivals.

Why dont Sikhs eat beef?

Sikhs shouldn't eat any meat not just beef. This is because we believe that if God is the only one who can give life that God should be the only one who can take it away.

What food do Sikhs eat?

Sikhs can eat any kind of meat. Some Sikh are vegetarian. Sikhs cannot eat ritually slaughtered meat (halal/kosher).

Do Sikhs eat with their hands?

Yes, Sikhs can eat with hands.During the langar session they can eat with hands and sometimes with spoon too.

What do Sikhs eat at Diwali?

Sikhs eat sweets on Diwali. the sweets include laddoos, barfi etc.

Why don't sikhs eat meat?

Sikhs do eat meat and are not forbidden by their religion to do so. There are some Sikhs who are vegetarian however, but like Christianity, it is a personal choice.

What do Sikhs eat for lunch?

Sikhs eat food believe it or not!!!!!!!!! as iff they eat gum balls from under the school tables I SAW THEM

What do sikhs eat in the gurdwara?

they eat poty

Why are Sikhs vegertarians?

Sikhs are not vegetarian but only vegetarian food can be served in the Gurdwara. Sikhs themselves are free to choose what they eat.

What do Sikhs eat for breakfast?


Do Sikhs eat curry?

Yes they do.

Can Sikhs and Muslims eat meat?

Sikhs can eat any meat. For Hindu's Beef is forbidden. For Muslims and Jews Pork is forbidden.

What do Sikhs not eat?

Sikhs are not allowed to eat halal or kosher meat because they believe that it is wrong to sacrifice animals to God, ritually.

Do Sikhs eat after they pray?

Sikhs eat langar (chappatis and stews) they believe it is special because it is cooked by sangat (good sikhs) and they put hard work into it.its really yummy langar try it

What type of meat can Sikhs eat?


Can Sikhs eat meat?

absolutely not the reason is that what if you were the animal how would you feel to be eat end. no right so why eat it. some Sikhs do eat meat but that is wrong would you like to be slughtured?Think about when you eat meat again

What foods do Hindus and Sikhs eat?

The followers of Vaishno Hinduism are vegetarians. Many other Hindu's are not vegetarian. Sikhs are not compelled by their religion to be vegetarian, but those Sikhs who were converted from Vaishno Hindu's tend to be vegetarian. Both Hindu's and Sikhs eat Jhatka meat, or that which is killed with one blow. Sikhs cannot eat Kuttha meat or that which has been ritually killed Halal or Kosher. Hindu's too don't eat Halal or Kosher generally.

What can't Sikhs eat?

Sikhs can eat anything so long as it is not ritual sacrificed. The Sikh Rehat Maryada, or Sikh Code of Conduct strictly condems the consumption of Ritually slaughtered meat (Halal/Kosher) for Baptised Sikhs.

Do Sikhs not allow some animals to be eaten?

Many Sikhs eat many kinds of animals, so this is not true.

What kind of food are siks allowed to eat?

Sikhs that are "full Sikh's" (Baptist Sikh) can not eat any kind of meat nor eggs. Sikhs that are normal can eat meat and eggs but they can not eat halal nor beef.

What are Sikhs not allowed to eat?

halal or kosher food

Can Sikhs eat Chicken?

I guess as long as they have teeth.