History of Singapore

Why Singapore was governed?

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Singapore has an great harbor, and was thusly controlled by Great Britain. Because it was a major British military installation, the Japanese had to take it.

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Is Singapore governed by a President or a King or a Government?

The Republic of Singapore is governed by a government. Its political system is considered a parliamentary republic. Its main leader holds the office of President. But another important top office is that of Prime Minister.

Can a state be called a country?

Yes... Sovereign self governed state like Vatican City and Singapore.

Where is Singapore?

Singapore, also known as the Republic of Singapore, is located in Southeast Asia. It is an island state at the southern tip of the Malaysia Peninsula. It is one of the few remaining city-states in the world and the smallest country in Southeast Asia.It is a country of approximately 4 million people, governed by a party named PAP (People's Action Party) which took over the Singapore government in 1965.HistorySingapore was known as Temasek, which was then governed by Malaysia. Sir Stamford Raffles then got the governance of Singapore from the rightful Malaysian Sultan Hussein, and developed Singapore into an important port in the trade between China and India.During World War 2, Singapore fell to the Japanese for two and a half years. It was then known as Syonan-to .After WW2, Singapore attempted to break free from British colonization, as many were unhappy with the British for being unable to protect Singapore. Singapore first achieved self internal governence and then the British gave up the external governence in terms of army etc later on.Singapore then went on to become a state of Malaysia, the new name of the former Malaya.Singapore achieved independence in 1965, after it broke out of Malaysia.Also, Twilight hottie Jackson Rathbone, was born there!Singapore is located in South-East Asia, south of West Malaysia, south of Java of Indonesia and east of Sumatra of Indonesia.South-East Asia.It's Singapore, and it's Northwest of Indonesia and Southwest of Malaysia.

Why does Singapore hosts Singapore?

If you are asking why its 'Singapore,singapore', its because there is only one state in Singapore

Singapore is the Capital of what coutry?

Singapore is the capital of Singapore as Singapore has no capital.

How the kickapoo indians were governed?

how were they governed

Is governed an adverb?

No, the word governed is not an adverb.This word is actually a verb.

What are the largest cities in Singapore?

Uh .. Singapore is a country, with one city, which is Singapore .. That's why on addresses, it is seen as Singapore, Singapore .

What is the tagline of Singapore?

Taglines: Uniquely Singapore.Live it up in Singapore!Surprising Singapore

How was Pennsylvania governed?

It was governed represenative wise.

How were the southern colonies governed?

they were governed some how

Who governed a colony?

A colony is governed by a governor.

How is china governed today?

governed by the empire

How was New York governed in 1700s?

it was governed horribke thats how it was governed ya stupid twit

How was Italy governed in 1878?

Italy was governed by archibald Philip primrose. but i don't know "how' it was governed

What is tha capital of Singapore?

The capital of Singapore is.... Singapore.

Capital of Singapore?

Singapore is a city state and country of its own. Singapore doesn't have a capital, but the correct term of the capital you find in a atlas would be "Capital of Singapore: Singapore, Singapore"

What are the names of 5 star hotels in Singapore?

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Capital city of Singapore?

The capital of Singapore is simply Singapore.

In which country is the city 'Singapore'?

Singapore is a country itself.

What state is Singapore in?

Singapore is an independent country. Its capital is Singapore.

In which country is the city of Singapore?

The city of Singapore is in the country of Singapore.

Tahiti is governed by what country?

Tahiti is governed by what country

How Were Mid Atlantic Colonies Governed?

They were governed by Representatives.

Is Canada governed by a president?

it is governed by a prime minister