Why Singaporeans so kiasu?

First of all, please do not use broken English like "Why Singaporeans so kiasu". "Kiasu" is not even an English word! It is meant to be " Why are Singaporeans so kiasu?" Anyway, Singaporeans are not "kiasu". Some of them are, yes, I agree. But not all are "kiasu". There are some who like to help people no matter what, though there are some who are the opposite. Stay away from people who are "kiasu", and try to make friends with people who are not. Singaporeans who are "kiasu" may be because they are not in the mood or that they are unfriendly. Do not go too close to them or they may make you unhappy. I hope that you find this information useful. Okay? I think that you should not say bad things about Singaporeans, though. You may make them unhappy.