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Why US troops at Thailand tdy's in Vietnam 1962?

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Why US troops at Thailand tdy's in Vietnam 1962?

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Operation safe side provided security police with?

Operation Safe Side is an airbase defense program of the United States Air Force begun during the Vietnam War. Because the USAF was responsible for the defense of its own airbases in South Vietnam but had no recent institutional experience to draw from, Safe Side was implemented to test aggressive tactics against an opponent in the field. The 1041st Security Police Squadron (Test) was drawn from volunteers and trained by Army Rangers at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, in the second half of 1966. In January 1967 it deployed to Phu Cat Air Base, Vietnam, then still under construction, where it performed reconnaissance and ambush patrols outside the perimeter until July 1967. Its members then helped train three successor units, called combat security police squadrons (CSPS). Organized as the 82nd Combat Security Police Wing, these were the 821st, 822nd, and 823rd CSPS, successively trained at Schofield Barracks and at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Beginning in 1968 with the 821st CSPS, each squadron of more than 500 men performed up to 179 days of temporary duty (TDY) in Vietnam, based at Phan Rang Air Base but with detachments of an officer and 32 CSPs deployed at air bases throughout the country. As the war drew down, the TDYs ended with the second deployment of the 821st. Reduced to a force of 250 men, the 821st CSPS became part of the USAF allotment in Vietnam until its deactivation in late 1971. The Safe Side tradition continues today in the USAF Security Forces combat-deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Why us marines sent to SVietnam as tdys in1962?

Keep in mind, that during those times in the 20th century, ANYWHERE a major US warship went, there was a detachment of US Marines on board. Consequently, anytime and anywhere a large US warship (Battleship, Aircraft Carrier, Cruiser) hit port or any foreign land, US Marines could be involved. In the meantime, there was heavy combat going on in '62, the brand new all aluminum M-113 Armored Personnel Carrier (APC, and future ACAV=Armored Cavalry Assault Vehicle) had just been fielded for combat testing in RVN; along with the new M-114 Scout vehicle (which failed it's combat trials/land mines virtually blew them in half); the USAF F-100 Super Sabres and F-101 Voodoo jets were making their combat runs, as well as new helicopters such as the CH-21 Shawnee, which would fight on until being replaced by the UH-1 Iroquois (Huey). US Marines would be flying the CH-34 Choctaw (Sea Horse versions), again, until replaced by the US Marine Corps CH-46 Sea Knight and UH-1 Iroquois (Huey). US Marines were functioning as advisors, special operations, and airbase security. The RVN government had an Army and a Marine Corps created in the USMC's image. The USMC was helping to build their counterpart up.

How much money does a vet win per hour?

it depends on your rank and time in service, but I will choose E-4 at 4 years of service for my example (an E-4 is the highest ranked non-NCO and most people end their 1st enlistment at this rank, and 4 years is what the average enlistment is) an E-4 at 4 years makes: 2,025.00 in base pay per month $323.87 in BAS (basic allowance for sustenance, and only received if you do not live in the dorms, if you do live in the dorms i believe you get like $13 but I don't have a concrete number sorry) BAH is dependant on your zip code, and whether or not you have a family. I will use my current BAH of $991 as an example that's with a family btw) this is a total of $3339.87 total per month income and $40078.44 per year I work 9 hours a day (we do get 1 hour for lunch although its seldom taken due to "mission constraints") but this doesn't count PT, which is an additional 3 hours per week for 48 hours total per week (2496 hours yearly) but this doesn't count exercises two a year at least of 4 days at a time 12-18 hour days that encompass the weekend (yearly hours now up to 2556). This puts the average hourly earnings at $15.68. However this is still leaving out several things that would affect the final numbers to include: deployments and TDYs (deployments are generally tax free and you get a few bonus allowances but work ridiculous hours) awesome education benefits but they only pay off if you use them free health care 30 days guaranteed paid vacation per year edit: after reading through this it seems I am being negative and that is not my intention, I wouldn't give up my job for one that paid twice as much the environment and life experiences are worth more to me than the money but not everyone sees things that way, should the military be comped more? I believe so but I'm still willing to do what needs to be done at my current pay.

Which seato member sent troops to Vietnam in support of the US?

Several. Australia, New Zealand, The Philippines, Thailand, and the Republic of Korea (South Korea) sent troops to Vietnam.

Which US allies sent troops to fight in Vietnam?

Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, South Korea and the Philippenes.

What nations sent troops to Vietnam?

United states, Britain, France, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Philippines...

Are Thailand veteran's considered Vietnam veterans?

Thailand sent men to fight in Vietnam; they are Vietnam veterans.

Was Thailand fighting in the Vietnam war?

Thailand sent men to South Vietnam.

Is Thailand in Vietnam?

West of it. Both are different country. Thailand is in west side of Vietnam

What years were the Australian soldiers involved with the Vietnam war?

Australian "Military Advisors" were sent to Vietnam in 1962. On April 29th, 1965, the Prime Minister, Sir Robert Menzies, committed Australian troops to fight in Vietnam. On November 30th, 1971, the last Australian combat troops left Vietnam. Over 60,000 ANZAC troops, many of them conscripts, fought in Vietnam.

Was Thailand communist during the Vietnam War?

Thailand was not communist during the war or at anytime since then. Thailand fought for South Vietnam.

What countries joined the us troops in fighting against north Vietnam?

South Korea,Thailand,Australia,New Zealand,maybe more

Name one of the countries found between Thailand and vietnam?

Laos and Cambodia separate Thailand from Vietnam.

Did Canada send troops to Vietnam?

Canada Did not send troops to Vietnam.

When were Australian troops sent to Vietnam?

From 1962 to 1972. For further reading: The Battle of Coral; by Lex McAulay. Published in 1988.

Is Vietnam in thialand?

Thailand is a separate nation west of Vietnam.

Where is Vietnam and what countries is it near?

Vietnam is near Thailand and China

Who were America's allies during Vietnam?

The allies of the US during the Vietnam War were: South Korea with the second largest contingent fo troops in South Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. Canadian made military hardware was used in Vietnam including large amounts of Agent Orange. The Canadian soldiers that fought in the war were part of the US troops.

Are thailand veteran's considered veitnam veterans?

This will probably annoy many "Boots On Ground" advocates, however I believe Thailand Veterans are "Vietnam Veterans". During the Vietnam war our bases in Thailand were attacked five times by Vietnam Sappers. Also tactical herbicides was used on the perimeters of every base in Thailand. Our Thailand Veterans, loaded weapons on the planes to fulfill the missions in Vietnam and protect the "Boots On Ground" troops. Air Force Personnel volunteered to man secret radar sites in Laos to guide bomb strikes, etc. in Vietnam and many lost their lives when those sites were over run. Some want to call Thai Veterans "Vietnam Era Veterans" the same designation someone that served in Germany during the war might be called. I honor those that did serve in Germany and all other areas during the Vietnam War but to refer to those who served in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia as anything other than Vietnam Veterans is an insult to the service they performed in the defense of bases in Thailand and the support of the troops on the ground in Vietnam. I believe those that died in Laos and in at least one bunker explosion at a Thai base are listed on the wall. We shared the same experience as other Vietnam Vets on our return in 69 and 70 from the public, we share the same health issues from Agent Orange as our brothers who served in-country. Air Force Security Police, Thailand 69-70.

Did president Kennedy send troops to Vietnam?

U.S. president Kennedy said many troops to Vietnam to fight the Vietnam War.

Do you qualify as a Vietnam veteran if you served in Thailand?

yes, technically, because there were wars in Thailand due to the vietnam war, so the person even though did not fight in Vietnam, was involved in the vietnam war and should be considered a vietnam war veteran

When did president Nixon first send troops to Vietnam?

Kennedy was the first president to send troops to Vietnam (others before him sent advisors, but not troops), Johnson escalated the number of troops... Nixon got us out of Vietnam.

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