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Why Wipers don't work on high?

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Several possibilities are that:

1 the switch is bad on the high position.

2. There is a problem with the high speed wire from the switch to the motor.

3. The wiring inside of the wiper motor for the high speed is bad.

The way 2 speed wiper motors work is there are separate windings inside the motor for low and high speeds. Usually 2 wires come out of the motor for low and high and the common ground through the wiper motor body to the chassis of the vehicle. You apply 12v to one wire and get low and 12v to the other one for high speed.

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why don't the windshild wipers work on 1995 ford countours. their is no power to fuse box or wiper motor.

Check the fuse for the wipers. Otherwise the wiper motor is probably done for.

If your 1992 Camry Wagon rear wipers do not work, it could possible be the motor. Be sure to check the motor as well as the fuses for any issues.

2000 expedition wipers & radio don't work when in drive

If on the same circuit, it may be the fuse.

there are three things it could be a fuse, relay, or the wiper motor itself

some times wind shield wipers dont work because the car is frozen and they need to thaw out from not moving for a while. if it gets to be a big problem go and buy some sleeves for them.

Windshield wipers don't work

try checking the fuse. check the plug that goes into the wiper motor.

The controller is bad Maybe, but wiper motors have high and low brushes. Check fuses, wiring, etc....

Recently had the same problem. Check under the cover where the motor is and its likely that the arm that drives the wipers has come off the motor cam. If not, check the fuse and the motor.

When purchasing windshield wipers that work intermittently, they can be any windshield wipers that are the correct size. The ability to work intermittently is a wiring/fuse ordeal. This does not play a part in the selection of windshield wipers that you choose from.

The resitor is probably burnt out on the high mode

My wipers would only work on high. we replaced the signal lever which works the wipers too. i did get my mechanic to do it because it was'nt as easy as the parts store said it was. try replaceing the wiper pulse relay board under driver side dashboard

As I work on Boeing 747's, I can confirm they do have Windscreen Wipers.

The windshield wipers go back in forth if you now now what i mean

possibly the multifunction switch is acting up or just bad

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