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Either because of the ground on the battery or the crank sensor on the crankshaft.

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Q: Why a 1987 f150 6cyc won't start has new pumps and filters and bypassed the switch what else could be wrong getting lots of gas?
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How could your Honda foreman 4 wheeler not be getting gas?

check the fuel filters

Your 1991 Olds Toronado will start and immediately shutt off what could it be?

the VATS chip wiring on the back of the ingnition switch is bad, can be bypassed by a decent mechanic

Why wont your parking lights or dash lights work on your 1999 mustang?

could be a fuse problem, and then again it could be in the switch its self. Make sure your getting contact in your light switch. I dont know if you have a pull switch on your dash or if you have it on a multi function switch on the steering column, but you will need to dig in there and see if your getting juice or not, if the fuse is good.

Why would a 92 Skylark make loud noises and stall when stopping quickly from speeds over 50 MPH.?

Bad torque converter. They lock when you go at highway speeds, to improve efficency. If they don't disengage properly, the car will stall when you stop. Could be a bad solenoid (switch). Can be fixed or bypassed. If bypassed, you save the cost of a repair, but will lose highway efficency.

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On your 1994 Honda Civic why don't your high beams work?

it could be your dimmer switch is getting bad

I have a problem starting a 1996 Honda Civic I heard it might be the clutch relay because it's like trying to start the car without having the clutch pushed in. Any ideas on what could cause this?

If the clutch switch failed then the car will not start unless the switch is bypassed. The purpose of a clutch safety switch is to prevent the car from dangerously starting, so when it malfunctions that car will not start without it switch off.

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Why when your fan is on full hardly any air is coming through into the car?

Assuming the lower speeds work okay, it could be the high speed relay is bad or the switch itself. If the vehicle is equipped with cabin air filters, they could be plugged up.

What could be wrong with a 1998 Honda civic that idles for 5 minutes and muffler makes sputtering sound and thermostat shows engine getting hot?

figured it out, heater coil blew out bypassed and yea don't need heater on Guam neyways

Freon leaking through the high pressure switch why?

Switch could be bad or the schraeder valvee the switch screws into could be bad

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