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Because the water is hot!

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Q: Why a lot of hot water is pour onto skin will causes more painful compare to less hot water?
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What word means to become less painful?

If an injury becomes less painful, it eases.

How does the density of ice compare to the density of liquid water?

Ice is less dense than liquid water.

What is oil always floats an water?

the density of oil is less when compare to only the oil float on the water

What causes a bubble to float in water?

Its average density is a lot less than water

What way can you die less painful?

A natural death due to advanced age, is not painful. If you are suffering from a lethal disease, painkillers, such as morphine, will help the passing to be less painful.

How do densities of the things that float compare to the density of water?

The density of an object that floats is less than the density of the water (or other liquid) on which it floats.

In order for an object to float on water how must its density compare to that of water?

the object must be less dense than water in order for it to float

How does the density of water (ice) compare with the density of water (liquid)?

Ice is less dense than liquid water.

How does the speed of water in a river affect its ability to cause erosion?

The faster the speed of water in a river the more erosion is causes. The slower the water the less amount of erosion it causes.

What causes pain on right side of abdomine?

Pulled muscles Appendicitis In females, painful ovulation Less likely are peritonitis, colitis- these are not typically one-sided

Is there more or less fresh water under ground?

Yes and no. More or less freshwater than where?? You can't compare unless you have something to compare against. Is your question whether or not there is more freshwater underground or above ground?

How does the density of solid water compare to liquid water?

Solid water is commonly called ice. It is less dense than water- which is why ice cubes float in your drink.

Why does water contract when it is cold?

Water contracts when its cold because the atoms have less energy, and when atoms have less energy they dont move as much, which causes them to contract.

What are some causes of high salinity in ocean waters?

Some seas are warm and dry. The water evaporates quickly. There is less water, but the same amount of water. This causes the remaining water to have a high salinity. By Sadikshya

What causes bubbles to rise on top of water?

The gas inside the bubble is less dense than the surrounding water

When ice melts how does the liquid water compare to the ice?

The liquid has the same mass but less volume than the ice.

How do you make your period less painful?

You maybe could put a hot water bottle on your stomach to lessen the pain or try to distract yourself.

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No, never get any piercing done with a gun. The gun causes trauma to the piercing and they are not sterile. A needle would be less painful and more convenient.

Can childbirth be less painful if the baby arrives unexpectedly?


How do you make a prostate massage less painful?


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on ur side

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nose piercings really dont hurt to be honest and there is nothing you can do to make it less painful unless you get a hold of some anesthetic.

Is giving birth painful for a 13-year-old girl who desperately wants a water and natural birth?

Using water in your labour, and having a 'natural' birth will greatly increase your chances of having a rewarding, positive and less painful birth. Having a water birth will help lessen your chances of tearing, it will help relax you (which means you aren't fighting the contractions, which means they're less painful) and having it naturally means you aren't being tampered with, which allows your body to get on with doing what it was built for: giving birth.

Is tattoo removal painful?

Permanent tattoos are painful to remove.But if you do it by laser treatment than it will be less painful and it gives nice result in short period of time.

How do you find out if things float on water using just its density?

Compare the thing's density with the density of water. If the thing's density is less than the density of water it will float, if greater than water it will not.