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Why a ujt oscillator called relaxation oscillator?

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because, it is work on negative resistance region

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Why the name ujt relaxation oscillator?

A relaxation oscillator is the one which consists of an RC network,in which the capacitor is charged from a DC fixed voltage source, through a resistor. see the link below. the capacitor is charged through the resistor Re. That is why a ujt can be called a relaxation oscillator.

Ujt relaxation oscillator?

It is sawtooth waweform genrator

What are the applications of ujt?

The main application of the U.J.T is it is used as relaxation oscillator

Applications of ujt?

The simplest application of a UJT is as a relaxation oscillator, which is defined as one in which a capacitor is charged gradually and then discharged rapidly.

Applications of ujt other than relaxation oscillator?

It can be used as a Sawtooth wave generator

Why ujt used as an oscillator?

why ujt used as amplifier

How does a ujt relaxation oscillator work?

in this circuit a capactor charges until the stand off voltage of the ujt is reached and the ujt shuts off causing the capactor to discharge. The time is controlled by the RC time constant of the RC circuit. So what really happens in the ujt conducts and allow the capacator to charge until the ujt shuts off and then the capactor discharges the cycle repaeats itself over and over because as the capactor discharges the ujt will again turn on allowing the capacator to charge. It is an saw tooth waveform generator.

What is the basic difference between relaxation oscillator and RC oscillator?

A nonlinear or relaxation oscillator produces a non-sinusoidal output, such as a square, sawtooth or triangle wave. And RC oscillator produces sinusoidal output.

How does a ujt relaxation oscillator works?

The operation of the circuit is as follows: C1 charges through R1 until the voltage across it reaches the peak point. The emitter current then rises rapidly, discharging C1 through the base 1 region and R3. The sudden rise of current through R3 produces the voltage pulse. When the current falls to IV the UJT switches off and the cycle is repeated.

Why ujt called current controlled negative resistance device?

The On/OFF action in UJT is controlled by emitter current

What is blocking oscillator?

The oscillator which is blocked by using transformer is called a blocking oscillator. Generally, the primary is given to the base and secondary is given to the collector of the transistor used in the oscillator circuit.

What is the procedure for testing the circuit of UJT relaxation oscillator?

Depends on what you need to know about it. First off, I'd use an oscilloscope. If it's set up correctly and you know how to `count graticules' that's really all you'll need to learn almost everything about your oscillator. IT should show you the wave forms at certain connection points, voltages as well as giving you some indication of the frequency. And if you want to know the current draw, you should probably have some type of milliamp meter on hand, which can usually be found in most miltimeters.

Operation of UJT and block diagram?

Explaine operation of UJT .

Why is the R-C oscillator also called a phase shift oscillator?

The R-C oscillator is also called a phase shift oscillator because the R-C filter creates a phase shift from input to output. The feedback portion of the oscillator (an amplifier) then serves to pump energy back into the filter.

What is a gradual loss of amplitude of an oscillator called?

The gradual loss of amplitude of an oscillator is called damping. Science book told me. =D

What is the term for relaxation of the eyelids?

Relaxation of the eyelids is called blepharochalasis.

Is ujt is a uni polar transistor?

UJT is known as Uni Junction Transistor

What is the oscillator?

any circuit which is used to generate an ac voltage without an ac input signal is called an oscillator.

How to genrate sawtooth wave by using ujt?

by connecting the ujt with proper biasing resistors

What is the types of oscillator?

Phase-shift oscillator Armstrong oscillator Cross-coupled LC oscillator RC oscillator

What is the relaxation phase of the heart cycle called?

The relaxation phase of the heart cycle is called diastole, or the diastolic phase.

Differences between UJT and BJT?

UJT is unijunction transistor where as BJT is bi- junction transistor.

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