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elongated vocal cords

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Q: Why a woman voice has higher frequency than the man?
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What kind of sound does a high frequency wave produce?

Higher frequencies produce the perception of higher pitch sound. A woman's voice generally contains sounds with higher frequencies than a man's voice contains. An infant's voice contains higher frequencies than an adult's voice does.

In your voice if amplitude coresponds to loudness means then what frequency corresponds?

Frequency corresponds to the 'pitch' of the voice. The sounds in a little girl's voice have higher frequencies than the sounds in an adult man's voice. And the sound of a whistle has a higher frequency than the sound of a tuba or foghorn.

What does a bigger frequency sound like?

Sounds with higher frequency have higher 'pitch'.The sound of a woman's voice has more high frequency content in it than the sound of a man's voice has.The sound of a flute or a piccolo is at a higher frequency than the sound of a tuba or a trombone is.As you go up the keyboard from left to right, the sounds of the notes go up in pitch, because their frequencies go up.

Why do woman have shriller voice than man?

higher wavelength

Is a soprano voice higher than an alto voice?

Yes. Soprano is a high woman's voice, Alto is low woman's voice, Tener is a high man's voice and Base is a low man's voice.

Why womens voice is shriller than man voice?

It is because vocal cords of a woman tend be smaller than a mans and so have a higher upper range.

Has a higher frequency than the fundamental frequency?


Whose voice has a higher frequency a boy or a man?

A higher frequency of sound wave leads to a higher pitched noise. Therefore a boy will have a higher frequency voice than a man. A typical adult male will have a speaking voice in the frequency range of 85 to 155 Hz. The pitch of children's voices varies greatly both between different children and within a single child throughout the day (based on emotions, who the child is conversing with, etc.) but with a standard average frequency of around 250 Hz and a range from around 200 to 550 Hz.

Does visible light have a higher frequency than infrared?

That is correct, visible light has a higher frequency than infrared radiation has.

Visible light has a higher frequency than what kind of light?

Visible light has a higher frequency than that of infrared light.

How do you tell if a wave has a higher frequency than another wave?

By looking at the frequency find the trough and the wave amplitude to get the frequency higher than the other wave

Do high frequency sound waves have a higher or lower pitch than low frequency sound wave?

High frequency sounds have a higher pitch than low frequency sounds.

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