Why academic is important than sport?

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First, sports are for entertainment only and really don't do much other than that. Secondly, all athletes have a career with a limited lifespan because of aging and injuries. A person can do nearly anything with their mind and barring injury or disease, your mind will be useful for your entire life.
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Do students who play sports focus more on sports than academics?

not at all, it depends on the person and possibly their lifestyle and the people around them. but mainly if they choose to focus on sport more then their academics it's their

What can you include in the debate topic Is academics more important than overall development?

I honestly judge that skill development is extreme. Look atentrepreneurs like Bill Gates. He dropped out of schoolprematurely, but is wealthier than ninety nine percent of the

Is sport more important than religion?

In the ideal world, we would say "of course not!" But for many people today, sports have become very much like a religion. Some fans worship athletes and put them up on a pede

Is academic achievement more important than other skills and qualities?

This is one of those times where the answer to the question depends entirely on the final application. For example, if I want you to build the frame for my new house, I don

Is sport more important than academic?

The more intelligent you are, the more you'll get out of life. Living in the moment, as many sporty type people do, tend to die young and unhappy. Not to say you shouldn't do

Why is academics more important than sports at school?

1st of all, you need good grades, I found this out the hard way, I am failing algebra and I am currently working to bring my grade up! But in order to play sports, you must ha
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What is academic sports?

Occasionally known as "Mathletes" academic sports challenge you brain muscles rather then your physical muscles.
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Why are studies more important than sports?

Unless you excel in sports and have a livlihood from the same,sports might become a nightmare. To a student, study is the toppriority, followed by sports as a bystander. If yo
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Why is sport more important than education?

Sport is not more important than education. While sport may beimportant for exercise and physical health, education is importantfor mind and knowledge development. They are bo
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Should schools place more emphasis on sports than academics?

No, if anything more emphasis should be placed on academicsubjects. Knowledge is much more important to most than sports fortheir futures. Sports and atheltics are important