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Why after switch off the ignition engine still runs?


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Run on, a continuation of running after the switch is turned off, can be caused by hot carbon deposits in the engine continuing to ignite the fuel that flows into the running engine. You can buy products to clean out engine carbon. Sometimes just a good run at highway speeds can cure it. Another possibility is engine timing is set incorrectly.

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Check the rod than runs from ignition down steering column to actual switch at bottom

you have an open circut in your ignition switch change your ignition switch.

If the ignition switch is faulty it could leave an electrical component turned on and that could potentially cause a dead battery. That would not necessarily be the case and you might notice if the switch is supposed to be off but something still runs.

More than likely the wire that runs from the ignition switch to the kill switch is disconnected, loose, or broken. The wire starts at the OFF position of the ignition switch and connects to another wire that shuts off the engine.

probablly a bad ignition switch or blower motor not sure on that should run without power

from those symptoms it could be the fuel pump/fuel filter. might be fuel pressure regulator too. Try 2 things: (1) turn interior lights on and try to start. If lights go out when engine starts and dies it is ignition switch or (2) as engine starts, gently apply forward pressure to ignition switch when you release (do not allow ignition to go all the way back). If engine keeps running, it is ignition switch.

It means the engine cubic capacity is 3.5 litres and it is a compression ignition engine that runs on diesel fuel.

the radiator could still be warm or if the car is cool and it runs you need to replace the fan relay switch.

Battery cables could be loose, battery could be bad, starter could be bad, starter solenoid could be bad, ignition switch could be bad. Turn on the headlights and try to crank the engine. If the headlights dim or go out look at the cables or battery. If they stay bright look at starter, solenoid or ignition switch. The neutral safety switch or clutch petal switch could do it too.

I would say no. Wiring is different for different models, makes and years. If you don't want an ignition switch from the manufacturer, you can purchase an aftermarket one for your bike All the dealers need is the year, make and model of the bike. mine runs the ignition switch from a 250 honda, as long as you take care to match up the positive feeds to the correct switch positions then no problem

My experience with a faulty ignition switch on this generation Regal include random warning lights coming on together and turning off at the same time. Eventually, the car will sometimes stall when the turn signal switch is used. This is due to the turn signal switch "bumping" the wires leading into the ignition switch. Apparently, the wire connections inside the ignition switch sometimes tend to loosen. Dealer cost runs around $350 to $400 to replace.

Check that your fuel cap is still venting. Leave it off and see if the engine runs for more than five minutes. If it does, then you have a blocked vent.

I have a 1988 s-15 with the same peoblem. Ignition Manifold Air Temperature switch appears to be bad. Don.

If the Honda Accord runs but dies after it's initial start-up it can be several issues. The ignition switch can cause the issues as well as a bad vacuum leak. To find the problem an engine diagnostic is recommended.

The ignition switch wiring harness runs through the steering column.When you remove the lower cover, you'll see at least 2 large bundles of wires - 1 of which is feeding the multi-function switch (turn signal, wipers, etc.).

the diesel engine. it takes one ignition to start, then it runs off of (autoignition) ignition from heat caused by high compression. compression ignition (autoignition) causes ignition to happen a little earlier than spark ignition engines (gas engines) which is less vulnerable to risk of engine knocking or wasted power when dealing with high compression. -maddmatt

MAINT REQD on means its time to replace your engine oil. The indicator lamp stays on until it is reset. To reset this reminder: While the ignition switch is on, but the engine is not running, move the trip selector to ODO. Push and hold down the trip selector push knob. Turn off the ignition switch, then turn on the switch. The reset will go through 000000.0 then ------, -----, ----, ---, --, -. once it runs through, release the trip selector knob. The MAINT REQD lamp goes out.

Look for a disconnected or broken kill switch wire. The wire runs from the ignition switch OFF position and usually connects with another wire that comes out from under the engine shroud. On my application, the wires "meet" and connect at the throttle harness.

Remove the plastic covering on the steering column. The ignition switch is the box that the ignition cylinder runs into. It's basically easy with only removing a couple of bolts to replace. The only trick is to be very careful actually pulling the box off the column. Make sure the key is in power off position. wiggle the box off, when putting the ignition cylinder into the new ignition switch you don't want to turn the key. Leave it in the off position. Then watch the rod in the rear of the new ignition switch as it goes back into the column. I have seen people have to turn the key in the ignition cylinder while pushing gently into the ignition switch. But beware it can turn into a real nightmare. If you use a bran new ignition cylinder, it will state all over do not turn the cylinder until it's installed.

Diesel engines relies on heat generated by compression to ignite the fuel. When the engine is newly started the air the gets compressed also gets a little cooled by the still-cold engine block, so the ignition is a little delayed and the engine runs rougher. With a warm engine the the compressed air gets a bit warmer, so the engine fires easier and runs smoother.

A 1976 Chevy did not have a points ignition, but that has nothing to do with the correct timing. You will find that the engine runs best with about 8-12 degrees BTDC.

The engine either doesn't run at all, only runs on one cylinder, or runs unevenly.

If you turn the ignition key to the run position , the pump runs for about 3 seconds and then shuts off if you don't start the vehicle

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