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If air were used in an electric bulb the filament, which becomes extremely hot when the light is on, would rapidly oxidize and burn out in seconds.

Instead the bulb is filled with argon, which is inert.

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Q: Why air is not filled in electric bulb?
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Why electric bulb is not filled with air?

O2 react with tungsten . If tungsten react with air the bulb doesn't glow .

Why argon and nitrogen is filled in an electric bulb?

Thay have does not spourt combustion

What kind of bulb is filled with mercury gas?

Electric discharge lamp.

What is the air filled in to a bulb?

It is an inert gas.Mainly Argon + Nitrogen

Why are light bulbs filled with argon and not air?

If you use air instead of argon to fill a light bulb, the air will burn the light bulb.

Why is the inside of he bulb containing the magnesium is filled with a ''noble'' gas instead of air?

It might be metals or nonmetals in the bulb

When a dropper is dipped into a beaker of water and its bulb is pressed the air bubbles appear in water why?

When a droper is dipped into water and its bulb is pressed air bubbles seems to occur in water because the dropper was filled with air before it was dipped in water and when we press the bulb air comes out forming air bubbles and the space is filled with water .

Why an electric bulb makes a loud noise when it is broken?

· An electric bulb has partial vacuum. When broken, air rushes into the void causing a loud noise.

Why are electric bulbs filled with argon and nitrogen?

cuz it slows down the evaporation of d filament of the that d bulb doesn't stop working.

What would happen inside a light bulb if it were filled with air?

The filament (assuming an incandescent bulb) would burn up very quickly.

What are items that can convert electric energy into heat energy?

Light bulb, generator, heater, electric stove, air conditioner

What is a electric bulb in short?

a bulb is light bulb

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