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Why all oil seed crops germinate as epigeal?

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I'm no expert but I think this might help:

From: In botany, a seed is described as epigeal when the cotyledons of the germinating seed expand, throw off the seed shell and become photosynthetic above the ground. The converse, where the cotyledons remain non-photosynthetic, inside the seed shell, and below ground, is hypogeal. And Cotyledons may be either epigeal, expanding on the germination of the seed, throwing off the seed shell and become photosynthetic above the ground; or hypogeal, not expanding, remaining below ground and not becoming photosynthetic. The latter is typically the case where the cotyledons act as a storage organ, as in many nuts and acorns.

So as the seed of oil seed crops does not act as a storage organ, they are typically epigeal in nature.

Here's some more:

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Does the amount of light a seed is exposed to affect seed germination?

yes it does. the less light the seed has will either make the seed take longer to germinate or not germinate at all. Answer it really depends on the type of seed. some seeds like watermelon and tomato coulnd care less about how much light they get while others like lettuce would not germinate in the dark at all. but as a rule of thumb, most seeds prefer to germinate in the dark.

What will happen if you put a seed in to a freezer then plant the seed?

The seed would not germinate at all in the freezer and the water used for planting the seed would turn into ice.

Why is it that some seeds do not germinate despite giving them all the necessary conditions?

It is because the seed might be too old or you overfed the plant and that is why it did not germinate

What you need for seed germination?

All you need for seed germination is warmth and moisture. The proper germination supplies will make it much easier to germinate your seed.

Is seed germination affected by temperature?

Seed germination is significantly affected by temperature. When it is cool, seeds are slower to germinate than when it is warm. If conditions are too cool or too hot, seeds won't germinate at all.

What are the part of how a plant grow with seeds?

well water can germinate a seed by cracking the outer coat, in doing so the seed germinates, sprouts roots and grows. acid, plant food, light, and water can all germinate a seed. and thoughs loser who write dumb answers, your all dumb...

Does cold storage affect the germination of seeds?

yes,bcz for germination process the potimum temperature is needed. In cold condition all metabolic and catabolic seed processes are loweres so the seed is unable to germinate and this is the reason that kharif and summer crops are unable to grow in winter season.

Can a seed grow without germination?

Germination is when the seed actually breaks its dormancy and starts to grow. So, no, all seeds have to germinate before they can grow.

Why is sunlight needed for seed germination?

Sunlight is not need to germinate seeds. All that is needed is moisture and the proper temperatures.

Does a dandelion germinate?

Yes, dandelion seeds germinate like those of all other seed-bearing plants. Dandelion flowers produce many small seeds, with structures that allow the seeds to be carried by the wind. If the seed lands in a location with favorable conditions, it will germinate.

Can a seed without a embryo germinate?

Most probably no. Embryo is the starting point of germination as all hormones concerned are placed there.

Why does pH affect seed germination?

pH levels have nothing to do with seed germination. All seeds need to germinate are moisture and warmth. However after the seed has germinated the level of pH wil be a factor for the growth of the plant.

What is the percentage of crops grown from hybrid seed?

more then 90% of all vegtables

Is eating bird seed dangerous for humans?

Bird seed mixes commonly include:sunflower seeds;millet;niger;all of which are both edible and palatable for humans, and are used as bird seed crops because they were already available as human food crops.

Why is a seed dormancy an evolutionary advantage?

so it doesnt germinate in bad conditions and still preserve enough energy to germinate when the time is right, so to speak, also in keeps all the seeds from germinating a once which is why its so hard to get rid of weeds...

Do all mango seeds germinate at the same time?

The mango seeds will usually all sprout in a week or two. It will take a few years the seed will grow to be a tree and bear fruit.

How long does it take for grass to start to grow?

Lawn grass seed, even under ideal circumstances, can take three weeks to germinate - that's normal. It MUST be kept moist all the way through that time. Perrenial rye grass seed can germinate in a week, and is widely used for "maintenance" lawns (like on expressway embankments, etc.)

How do you prevent birdseed from germinating?

Bird seed that comes in a bag won't germinate unless you plant it and it grows. Or it falls into my flower beds and sprouts all over the place.

What is the final key part of the pollination process in a gymnosperm?

After fertilization, each seed consists of multiple embryos. A process known as programmed cell death destroys all the embryos except one.Following this, the mature seed is ready to germinate.

Why can 't seeds germinate in the subsoil?

Seed normally require heat, water and either darkness or light to germinate (the last two depending on the type of seed). In the subsoil the temperature is too low for germination to take place and if it does the cotyledons and primary shoots probably wont have enough food reserves to push the shoot all the way to the surface - meaning the seedling will die

Why is the seed cover important to the baby plant?

Do you mean why is it important to cover seeds? If so, not all seeds must be covered - some MUST have light to germinate. Ones that are covered are covered for 3 main reasons, one or more of which may apply - to hide them from seed predators, such as birds, they require dark to germinate and to stop any developing root pushing the seed up, off the compost, rather than the root penetrating into the compost.

How can you germinate cherry seeds I've been freezing it trying to germinate them but three weeks passed still nothing happened?

It is possible that the type of cherry you have is the type that does not germinate at all. Find one that can germinate.

How do you plant a cherry seed?

The cherry trees that we plant today are almost all grafted to wild root stock. If you grow a cherry seed you'll need to learn how to graft. The seed of most "pit" fruit needs to freeze before it will germinate. Put it in potting soil then let it freeze for a few days.

Does grass seed expire?

Grass seed DOES expire. As it ages, it loses the small amount of moisture is does contain, and loses the ability to germinate. It can also rot, grow mold, or otherwise destroy its ability to grow if left in areas too hot and arid, or too damp. The rate at which seed expires does vary by seed (grass) type... but generally speaking, after the first season, it will substantially lose its ability to germinate the 2nd year and so on - taking more time to grow - which, of course, gives the seed more time to rot instead. Your best bet is to use all the seed you have in a single growing season - even re-seed an area if you have some left to help thicken what you have.

Do all monocot seed germinate with hypogeal germination?

All monocot seeds have hypogeal germination because the only cotyledon present in the form of scutellum functions as transition tissue to mobelize nutreits from endosperm to the coleoptyle and coleorhiza.