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Why am I getting a pulsating noise from your radio on your 1992 Bonneville and now you can't get the car to turn over?

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It sounds like your battery is dead...
Get it charged, start the car, then check the alternator output to ensure it's upwards of 13volts (but less than 16), if it isn't you're just draining the battery when you drive.

2007-07-10 06:19:04
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Assuming it is functioning, turn the radio on.

Im getting engine noise through your speakers when your radio is on and your radio will start to lose volume then just quit working you have to turn off the power to the radio to get it back on and th?

Believe it or Not You have to Change your Spark Plug and Distributor Wires, to Noise suppressor type wires and probably put in a noise suppressor filter in the Hot wire that runs the Stereo. I know it sound different but this works.

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What size battery for remote key 1994 Pontiac Bonneville?

Go to Radio Shack they wii replace it

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Can the radio with the security system be replaced with aftermarket radio's in a 2000 Bonneville SE?

You can replace the radio in a 2000 Bonneville with an aftermarket radio; however, the cost for the kits to make it work plus the labor could be cost prohibitive. The Bonneville's radio is connected to the computer. In fact if you replace the radio with an OEM, you still need to take the car to a dealership to have the new radio programmed. On top of that other electronic systems run through the radio wiring. Unless there is a very compelling reason, you would be better off to keep the factory equipment.

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engine noise coming thru the radio is caused by a bad ground somewhere so instead of chasing that you go to a car stereo shop and buy a noise filter that hooks up to the ground wire coming off the radio.

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