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Why am I not getting any spark from my coil even after replacing it with a brand new one on a 1986 B2000?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-14 14:03:28

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Turn key on. Check for power getting to coil. Check all wiring for good connections. If OK, your problerm is most likely in your ignition system. In other words, it's not telling your coil to fire so it's not.

2006-08-14 14:03:28
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Q: Why am I not getting any spark from my coil even after replacing it with a brand new one on a 1986 B2000?
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What is the spark plug gap for a 1985 B2000 Mazda 2.0 liter engine?

The spark plug gap for a 1985 B2000 Mazda with a 2.0 liter engine is .8 mm. This is equal to .031 inches.

What is the spark plug wiring order for a B2000 Madza 1986?

the wiring order is 1342

When replacing spark plugs what is the gap in between for a 1991 535I?

The specs on NGK brand spark plugs for 1985-1993 BMW 535i lists the gap at 0.028. Hope that helps.

What is the spark plug gap for 86 Mazda B2000?

0.031 thousandths with spark plug gap tool or just plain 31 as I go by.

What would cause no spark to a coil in a 1986 Mazda b2000?

I have replaced the coil and distributor cap.

Why getting no spark from 1992 Chevy Corsica 3.1 liter?

If getting no spark, it could be your spark plug wire is bad or your coil pack. say 3 and 6 getting no sparks, that means your coil pack is bad and you need to replace. if you getting no sparks after replacing new coil pack, it could be your ignition module.

What causes 1994 Honda accord to skip after changing spark plugs?

It could be caused by not getting the spark plug boot on quite right after replacing the plug wires.

83 camaro 305 crossfire injection its getting fuel and fire but still wont start?

try replacing the spark plugs

Are there problems with Sears tillers?

Yes, I'm getting no spark on my roto tiller which is a Sears Brand with a Briggs/Straton motor. Does the machine have a magneedle and would that effect the spark?

What would cause your 1987 Dakota with a 39 liter engine not to start after replacing the spark control module the coil and pick-up?

Need to know if your getting spark at the plugs. Next if you are I would look at either timing, or fuel delivery problem, IE fuel pump, filter, ect. If not getting spark take coil wire off and see if you are getting spark there.

What is the spark plug gap for 1987 B2000?

0.031 thousandths or just 31 plain and simple using a gap tool.

How do you stop oil from getting into the spark plugs?

if oil is getting into spark plugs, this indicates that either the valve stem seals need replacing,or the oil rings on pistons are worn and need replacing. if valve stem seals are the problem ,the vehicle will really be blowing a lot of exhaust smoke to the extent sometimes that it will look like a smoke screen behind you

What are the benefits of replacing spark plugs in car?

There is no benefit

When replacing spark plug wires on a 1994 940 Volvo is there a certain type of plug wires that should be used?

I've had really good luck with the Bougicord brand, I believe that they are OEM.

Do you need to replace coil packs when replacing spark plugs?

not necessarily unless after replacing plugs your engine misfires.

What is the spark plug gap for a 2001 Honda civic?

.044 is the spec, i suggest use KNG spark plug brand .044 is the spec, i suggest use KNG spark plug brand

What could be wrong with an 88 Chevy 350 after replacing the engine that it would have spark and you know it's getting gas because you can smell it but it wont fire?

engine timing

How do you change the spark plugs in a 92 GMC Sierra 2500?

Pull the spark plug wires off the spark plugs. Remove the spark plugs with a spark plug socket. Install the new spark plugs and put the spark plug wires back on. I recomend replacing the spark plug wires as well. If replacing them, just remember that the new wires are hooked up the same ways that the old ones came off.

What brand is a RN9YC spark plug?


Do you need to unplug the battery before replacing the spark plugs?


What is the spark plug torque to apply when replacing spark plugs on a 1995 firebird 3.4L engine?

Not to tight just snug

What is the spark plug gap on 1983 sportster?

.028 to .035 according to spark plug brand.

Im not getting fire to your spark plugs?

im not getting fire to the spark plugs but the distributor is getting fire what do i do please help

Why is my scotor getting no spark?

Look at the starter or the spark plug

Why aren't the spark plugs getting spark?

what kind of car?