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Without the US' help, Operation Overlord (D-Day) would never have happened. Without D-Day, France would have never been liberated. The US wanted to liberate France as the stepping stone to driving into Germany and ending WWII in Europe. Plus the US did feel some kindred towards France since they aided us in our revolution. And the French by and large were very kind to our troops in WWI. I have to set the record straight here to protect ALL soldiers that help liberate France. It was the U.S./Canada/French/Italian who bond together to help liberate. Canada went against Hitler and then 2 years later the U.S. jumped in. All soldiers lost in that terrible war are worth mentioning. Sorry, there were other countries, but the main one was Britain! Remember good old Winston Churchill?


A coalition defeated the German army. England, Canada, US, "Free" French army who fled in England, but also Polish solidiers also settled in England. And many other countries.

What good came after. The US send money with the Marshall Plan and France could rebuild quickly and could know a very whealthy period called "Les trente glorieuses" (The glorious thirty years)

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What did marquis de Lafayette do?

He was a French General who came to the American colonies after the Treaty of Alliance was signed with France. He inspired his troops and helped defeat Cornwallis at Yorktown.

What are the positives that came out of World War 2?

The defeat of Nazi Germany.

Who helped the Americans in the American Revolution?

Many other countries helped like France and Germany. Von Steuben helped the continental army by training then to become more professional. Actually the two countries that gave us the most support was France and Spain. Germany wasn't a country during that time. Von Steuben came from Prussia which was what Northern Germany is today. The reason Germany isn't an answer is because Hessians were hired by the British to help fight the Americans. Hessians came from the province of Hesse which is located in what would be central Germany today.

What country did the Amish come from?

Most came from Switzerland, France and Germany.

Did Beethoven came from France?

No he was born in Bonn Germany.

Did England and France underestimate Germany in World War 2 when they declared war on them because they both came so very close to defeat?

England was surrounded by the channel and France had the Marginot Line both thought to be impenetrable from land sea and air.

Where did the piccolo come from?

origionally it came from france in the 1500's hop my answer helped you

Where did the North Carolina settlers come from?

they came from england,switzerland, germany, and france

How did France collect unpaid war reparation from Germany?

France sent troops into Germany to monitor every cent that came in and out of the country. France also occupied the Ruhr. This was a vital part of Germany's economy.

Who won the revolution war?

Americans but, it came close with the British France helped British and American Indians helped Americans

Who won the war from German and Poland?

The Allied Forces defeated Germany and freed Poland from the Nazi occupation. Russia came in from the East to defeat Germany.

What region of France did flan come from?

It came from Buenos Aries Argentina hope i helped

Where did the knights come from during the first crusade?

The knights came from France, England and Germany.

Why did France join in world war 2?

The war came to them when Germany invaded and occupied.

Did France invade Belgium?

Yes, in 1815. But then Germany came and took the east side

Most immigrants came to America from what 3 European nations?

england germany france

Why was US Troops in France when they declared war on Germany in World War 1?

When France and Germany entered in WW1, there weren't any US troops in France. The Americans came after 3,5 years. France and the UK had to fight against Germany alone for 3,5 years, suffering huge losses.

Who helped the colonies in the Revolutionary War?

France and Spain and the Dutch came to the aid of the colonists,and France did most of the work and were crucial to America.

What country was between Germany and France?

Between Germany and France at the time of World War 2. None (unless you count Belgium and Switzerland but it's just bordered with the two), after World War 2 there came LuxembourgAnswer 2There are no countries which are between Germany and France. But there are 3 countries which border both Germany and France: Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

What teams came first second and third in the fifa world cup?

If you mean 2006 . Then Italy came first , followed by France and Germany.

France came to the 1919 peace talk prepared to help Germany recover ture or false?


What types of threats did Germany pose America during world war 1?

Germany posed no direct threat to America early on in World War I, until America came to the aid (with men and equipment) of Britain and the Allies fighting against Germany on European soil. Both in the first and second world wars with Germany, the industrial might, and the manpower the Americans could bring to bear, directly helped bring about the defeat of Germany in the West and saved Britain and Allies from defeat - with Russia fighting towards Berlin as (at that time) an Ally.

From which people France got its name?

From the Franks - who, oddly enough, came from Germany.France was named after the "Franks", who were a confederation of tribes from West Germany and nowadays Belgium. They raided what was known as Gaul in the 3rd to 5fth centuries.

What does the name 'france' mean?

France is named after an ancient Gaulish tribe, the Franks which came originally from Western Germany. It is then 'the land of the Franks'. Frank had the meaning of 'free' at the time.

Which European nations were the first to explore and colonize Middle and South America?

In the late fourteen-hundreds, Europeans came to the region and created colonial economies. With this came... European conquests: first by Spain and Portugal and later by France, Britain, Italy, and Germany. Hope this helped :) let me know if it did!