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There are two views on this. The first is that he utterly loathed Jews since his late teens. That's what he says in his book "Mein Kampf", but there's no reason to trust anything he says. In his book he tries to show himself as the 'saviour of Germany' and so anything that suggests that he changed his ideas looks bad unless he can explain it. The second view (see Ian Kershaw's biography) is that Hitler grew up with the ordinary anti-Jewish prejudices of his time, region and religion (Roman Catholic in Linz and Vienna). According to this view, his prejudices only developed into apparently obsessive hatred at the end of WW1 or even slightly later, when he discovered his talent for making rabble-rousing speeches. The logic of this version of the second view is that his hatred of the Jews was largely opportunistic. (It's possible of course that he fell victim to his own Propaganda).

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Q: Why and when did Hitler start hating the Jews?
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How did hitler start hating the jews?

Hitler was a radical Darwinian and took Darwin's book as his bible. He saw this as the fight for the fittest.

What did the Jews do when Hitler was hating them?

some tried to flee, some stayed.

Do the Jews still hate Hitler?

Yes! This incorrectly phrased question will differ among Jews. Jews by default have strong distaste for Hitler and pointless Neonazis. But most Jews don't spend time and energy on on hating Hitler.

What are Nazi about?

Hating Jews, swearing their oath to Hitler, and being German. And being Aryan

Why do you hate the Jews Hitler?

studing this subject of hitler hating jews, I can disagree on that. He treated every enemy with the same cruelty. He just happened to start somewhere and then proceed for his world domination intention. Other groups were not earmarked for extermination. See related question.

How did Hitler start treating Jews in 1935?

Hitler treated jews badly

Who still believes Hitler was right?

He was right about loving his country but he was horribly wrong about hating the jews.

What made Hitler start hating the Jews?

Hilter believed that the German race was a superior one - one that deserved ownership of the world. The Jews were close to home and so he began his attack on them. Eventually, the attack would have spread to other races that Hitler considered inferior.

How old was Adolf Hitler when he started hating the Jews?

There no record of antisemtism on Hitler's part till the end of World War 1, when he was 29.

What was Hitler most famous for?

he started many concentration camps and was famous for killing. also for hating Jews

Why did the Hitler party and the Nazis hate Jews?

Because Germany was having economical and social problems and it is easier to blame troubles on somebody else. By hating the Jews Hitler and the Nazi Party created a common enemy to unite Germany.

Is Zayn Malik hate Jews?

No, he is not hating jews.

When did Hitler start persecuting Jews?


When did Hitler start persecuting the Jews?

Hitler began persecuting the Jews in earnest in 1935 with the passage of the Nuremberg Laws that stripped Jews of many of their civil rights.

What led up to Hitler hating the Jews in his childhood?

he hated his dad and his dad was Jewish so he now wants to kill all the Jewish

What influenced Adolph Hitler?

What influenced him was that a Jewish doctor tried to save his mother from dying, but failed and he grew up hating Jews because of it.

What elements of human nature did Hitler capitalize?

Hitler capitalized on the human instinct of hating people who are different from us. He made the German people think the Jews were a lower class that needed to be exterminated.

Did hitler start the holocaust because he just did not like jews?


Why did Hitler start World War 2 and what were his goals?

the Jews

When did the persecution of the Jews by Hitler start?

March/April 1933.

What did Hitler first start with to kill the Jews?

the commissar decree

Why did they start to bombing the cities?

because Hitler hates the Jews

Why did Hitler start death camps?

Hitler's (and his cronies) goal was to eradicate the Jews from Europe and eventually from the world.

How far was Hitler to blame for the start of world war 2?

It wasn't Hitler to blame, it was the greedy jews trying to steal Germany's money. Silly Jews.

Why did Hitler started hating the Jews?

Hitler believed that the Jews 'stole' WW2 from the Germans. Also, in 1907, Hitler's beloved mother died of breast cancer, the doctor that failed to treat her properly for her illness was a Jew. Another large factor is that Hitler dreamed of being an artist, but was not accepted for a scholarship by a Jewish artist. Therefore, causing Hitler to form a fiery hatred to all Jewish people.