Why and when did the Aztecs die?


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In 1521 Spanish ships were found approaching Mexico. The Aztecs knew of a prophecy that said people with fair skin and light hair will come and lead them to glory. In other words, the Aztec Men saw the Spanish as a form of gods. Unfortunately, by the time the Aztecs realized that they weren't gods, it was too late. The Spanish had already pillaged ransacked and raped them. The Spanish were conquerors, they explored new land by killing off and raping the indigenous pagan people and stole anything of value from them. The spanish were primarily interested in the abundance of gold found in Mexico's capital of the Aztec empire. Yet the Aztecs did not understand why they were interested in their gold, for the Aztecs did not posses the greed that the spanish had. Emperor Montezuma was brutally murdered by Hernando Cortes and his men. Though the Spanish insisted that he died being baptized into the catholic faith.

From that moment on, Mexico changed into what it is today. A similar fate would hit the indigenous people of North America by other Europeans in the next couple of hundred years.

Descendants of Aztecs are still around. They are known as Mexicans. Though most Mexicans are a mixture of Spanish and the indigenous people of Mexico they are none the less Aztec descendants. In very remote regions of Mexico and Central America you find the mestizo people. They look pure Indian and they only speak their own dialect. This would be the closest thing to finding indigenous people of central America The time of the great Aztec empire has long since been over. In the year 2012, there will be a cosmic alignment of our planet, the sun and our galaxy's plane. It is where the Aztec calendar ends. The Aztecs saw time as a circle that repeats itself every 5000 years. at the end of 2012 the 6th sun will start. What this all means is anyone's guess since the Spanish destroyed all documents that could have helped us understand the Aztecs mathematical and cosmic knowledge.


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